ai (Chester Rebeiro) Students

Chester Rebeiro

Associate Professor
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technolgy Madras



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MS (By Research)


  1. Vinay Kumar. Project Title: Optimized Bloom Filter based High Throughput Firewall (Graduated in 2023)
  2. Devashish Dewangan. Project Title: Secure Applications on Genode ARM (Graduated in 2023)
  3. Asutosh Brahma. Project Title: Complete Process Isolation with Memory Encryption (Graduated in 2023) H N Mahabala Best MTech project award
  4. Lloyd KL. Project Title: Development of a Hypervisor for ARM Architecture to Implement Security by Isolation on Mobile Devices (Graduated in 2023)
  5. Dhiraj Prajapati. Project Title: Porting Secured application on ARM in Genode OS framework (Graduated in 2023)
  6. Pranab Kumar Rout. Project Title: Enabling Sculpt OS for RISC-V Platform (Graduated in 2023)
  7. Arun Nadukandi. Project Title: Analysis of timing interference in Automotive Microcontrollers (Graduated in 2023)
  8. Parkhiya Dixitkumar. Project Title: Exploring Genode on ARM (Graduated in 2023)
  9. Pranay Sonagara. Project Title: Vulnerability Detection in Embedded Systems (Graduated in 2022; Next position: )
  10. Srijith R. Project Title: Support Encrypted Processes in a Microkernel in RISC-V (Graduated in 2022; Next position: Government)
  11. Rahul Chaurasia Project Title: Design and Implementation of High Throughput Bloomfilter Based Firewall (Graduated in 2022; Next position: Government)
  12. Shailesh Tiwary Project Title: A Fully Undetectable Malware Design Concept for Windows System (Graduated in 2022; Next position: Government)
  13. Surender Singh Kalalia Project Title: High Speed FPGA based Hardware Firewall for Packet Classification (Graduated in 2021; Next position: Government)
  14. Rahul Solanki Project Title: High Throughput FPGA based Stateful Firewall (Graduated in 2021; Next position: Government)
  15. Ankit Goyal Project Title: Hardware Acceleration of Machine Learning based Malicious Traffic Classification in a Network (Graduated in 2020; Next position: Samsung, New Delhi)
  16. Anuj Jain Project Title: Malware Detection Using HPCs, Network, and OS Counters (Graduated in 2020; Next position: Samsung, New Delhi)
  17. Mallinatha B. Project Title: A High Throughput Firewall for FPGAs (Graduated in 2020; Next position: Government)
  18. Jacob Samuel Project Title: Performance and Security Evaluation of Block Ciphers and Hash Function for Automobile Applications (Graduated in 2020; Next position: Government) Publication in ERTS 2022<
  19. G. Prabhu. Project Title: ProBLeSS: A Proactive Blockchain based Spectrum Sharing Protocol against SSDF Attacks in Cognitive Radio IoBT Network (Graduated in 2020; Next position: Government) Publications in IEEE Networking Letters 2020;
  20. Abhinab. Project Title: Malware Detection Using Hardware Performance Counters and Machine Learning (Graduated in 2019; Next position: Micron)
  21. Pranav Kumar Singh. Project Title: PUF based Peer-to-Peer Authentication Protocols for Resource Constraint Devices (Graduated in 2019; Next position: DRDO)
  22. Ramprasad Joshi. Project Title: An Analytical Tool for Block Cipher Evaluation (Graduated in 2019; Next position: Government)
  23. Jitendra Singh Rathore. Project Title: Improvement in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Against Power Attacks (Graduated in 2019; Next position: Government)
  24. Prateek Bharmi. Project Title: Cryptography in Automobile Industry (Graduated in 2019; Next position: Government)
  25. Rajkalash Rajbhar. Project Title: Automated Analysis of RSA Fault Vulnerability (Graduated in 2018; Next position: Dell Computers)
  26. Aswathy Suresh (NIT Puducherry). Project Title: High Performance Implementation of ECC on 32 and 64 Bit Processors for Blockchain Applications (Graduated in 2017; Next Postion: Itron )
  27. Keerthi K (NIT Puducherry). Project Title: Formally Verified Memory x Speed Optimized Elliptic Curve Primitives for Embedded Micro-Controllers (Graduated in 2017; Next Position: IIT Madras, Research Associate)
  28. Vishnu Vijayan. Project Title: Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits : A Candidate for a PUF (Graduated in 2017; Next Position: Riverbed Technology)
  29. Eshan Shekar. Project Title: Efficient Implmentations of Scalar Multiplication in Elliptic Curves; (Graduated in 2017; Next Position: Intel)
  30. Ramanjaneya Reddy Guda. Project Title: Side Channel Analysis Based Reverse Enginnering of FPGA Implementations (Graduated in 2017; Next Position: RCI, DRDO)
  31. Chanti Banavath. Project Title: Implementation of Multi-Precision Multiplication Algorithms (Graduated in 2016; Next Position: Drive Visual Data Analytics)
  32. Nithin Joshua. Project Title: Mixed Signal Integrated Circuits : A Candidate for a PUF (Graduated in 2016; Next Position: AppDynamics)
  33. Sravan Kumar Salaka. Project Title: Efficient Implementations of Cryptographic Primitives (Graduated in 2016; Next Position: SAP Labs)

Dual Degree

  1. Sai Dheeraj. Project Title: Power Side Channel Analysis as a Service
  2. Pranjal Jain. Project Title: Memory Encryption to Protect Processes and Data (Graduated in 2022; Next position: Amazon)
  3. Mohit Singha. Project Title: Process Isolation using Address Space Encryption (Graduated in 2022; Next position: )
  4. Shagnik Pal. Project Title: A PROMiSE for Security: Programmable Runtime Oriented Monitor for Secure Extension (Graduated in 2022; Next position: )
  5. Lakshmy A V. Project Title: Instant Side-Channel Vulnerability Estimation of Digital Designs (Graduated in 2021; Winner of Lakshmi Ravi Prize for best Dual Degree Project, Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship 2020, and Samsung-Pravartak Fellowship 2020)
  6. Nithesh N. Hariharan Project Title: Prevention of timing-based Micro-architectural attacks (Graduated in 2021; Next position: )
  7. Ajay Saju Jacob Project Title: Security Counters (Graduated in 2021; Winner of Samsung-Pravartak Fellowship 2020 Next position: Microsoft)
  8. Milind Srivastava. Project Title: An Automated Framework for Detecting Fault Attack Vulnerabilities in Hardware (Graduated in 2020; Publications in DATE 2020, Winner of ACM Student Research Contest@ICCAD 2019 web dblp
  9. Kavya G. Project Title: Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Exchange Marketplaces (Graduated in 2020; Next Position: IBM Research)
  10. Sai Teja Reddy. Project Title: Side-channel power analysis of Deep Learning algorithms running on GPUs (Graduated in 2019; Next position: Microsoft)
  11. G. V. Vishwanath. Project Title: Fault Attack Analysis Framework for Hardware (Graduated in 2019; Next position: IBM)
  12. Ajmeera Balaji Naik. Project Title: Malware Detection using Execution Behaviour Characterisation Methods (Graduated in 2019; Next position: IBM)
  13. Jithin Pavanthan(EE). Project Title: Distributed Independent Malware Execution (Graduated in 2019; Publications in WOOT 2019; Executive Challenge Winner, Global Hackathon 2018 , Next position: VISA)
  14. Mayank Mudhra (EE). Project Title: Improvements in Characteristics of Crypto-Currencies (Graduated in 2018; Next position: Flipkart) (link) (thesis)
  15. Rohit Saini (EE). Project Title: Priority Scheduler in Rust Based Redox Operating System (Graduated in 2018; Next position: PayPal)
  16. Punit Khanna. Project Title: XFC : A Framework for Exploitable Fault Characterization (Graduated in 2017; Publications in DAC 2017; Richard Newton young student fellowship and Krish Gopalakrishnan Endowment for Student Travel ; Next Position : Goldman Sachs)
  17. Anuj Fulia. Project Title: Implementing Memory Secure Operating System in Rust (Graduated in 2016; Next Position : entrepreneur)
  18. Harika Reddy. Project Title: Micro-architectural Leakage Analysis of RSA Using Performance Counters (Graduated in 2016; Next Position: Indus OS)


  1. Antoson.
  2. Arun Krishna AMS.
  3. Arun Krishna AMS.
  4. Vishav Rakesh Vij. Project Title: Can you tell what I am typing? (Graduated in 2022), Next Position:
  5. Karthikeyan R. Project Title: Statistical Analysis of Timing Interference in Multi-Core Automotive Controllers (Graduated in 2022 , Next Position: Texas Instruments)
  6. Sai Yashwanth Mamilla Project Title: Binary Level Vulnerability Analysis Framework (Graduated in 2022 , Next Position: )
  7. Srujana Pillarichety Project Title: Framework for Vulnerability Detection in Binary Level Implementations (Graduated in 2022 , Next Position: Oracle )
  8. Prahladha Ramireddy Project Title: Information Flow Analysis on Binaries (Graduated in 2022 , Next Position: )
  9. Shivam Mittal Project Title: Instruction Set Randomization in Untrusted OS Settings (Graduated in 2020; , Next Position: Cohesity )
  10. Akshay Anand (CS) Project Title: Android Security (Graduated in 2020; , Next Position: Goldman Sachs )
  11. Abhishek Nair (EE) Project Title: A Secure Lightweight Watermarking Framework for Digital Designs (Graduated in 2020; US and Indian Patent Applied , Next Position: Higher Studies)
  12. Alekhya Reddy K. Project Title: Parallelizing Speculative Execution for Threat Exacerbation (Graduated in 2019; Next Position: Micrsoft Corp.)
  13. Suhas Chintala. Project Title: Proof of Elapsed Time Consensus Algorithm using Intel SGX and Hyperledger Sawtooth (Graduated in 2018; Next Position: Micrsoft Corp.)
  14. MS Adarsh (IIITD & M). Project Title: Tower Fields Approach in AES S-box For FPGAs (Graduated in 2017; Publications in IEEE Embedded Systems Letters; Next Position: Higher Studies, Texas A&M)
  15. Anirudh Alameluvari. Project Title: Unikernel in RUST (Graduated in 2017; Next Position : Goldman Sachs)
  16. Eddula Swetha Priya. Project Title: Fuzzy Keyword Search on Encrypted Data (Graduated in 2017; Next Position : SAP Labs)
  17. Devandra Vamsi (EE). Project Title: Breaking AES using DPA and CNN Techniques (Graduated in 2017; Next Position : Juniper Networks)
  18. Akhil Sai (EE). Project Title: Influence of CAD Routing Algorithms on Cryptographic Side Channel Attacks (Graduated in 2017; Next Position : Open Insight, Pune)
  19. Rajivteja Nagipogu. Project Title: Web Server Unikernel in RUST (Graduated in 2017; Next Position : PayPal); ( featured in Rust Newsletter)
  20. Vikas Reddy Katta (EE). Project Title: Towards Secure Operating System : A RUST based Unikernel (Graduated in 2016; Next Position : Samsung)
  21. Viswa Chaitanya (EE). Project Title: Infrastructure for Power Analysis (Graduated in 2016; Next Position : Times Internet)