This course would cover the design and implementation of secure systems. There will be three parts in the course (1) security threats and exploits in programs (2) mitigation techniques (3) detection techniques

Tentative topics include threat models, popular security attacks like (buffer overflows, return-to-libc, format string, ROPs, heartbleed, side channel analysis, etc.). Techniques for secure system design such as the use of capabilities, SGX, sandboxing, information flow control, symbolic execution, root of trust, and PUFs will be discussed.

Tentative evaluation will be as follows : 50% from coding assignments/projects, and/or reading assignments. The remaining 50% will be from quizzes.


Chester Rebeiro


computer organization/architecture, advanced programming in C, operating systems, data structures and algorithms


Theory Classes

Classes will be held from 31/Aug/2017 in CS34. Slot G.

Wednesday (16:50 - 18:30) (2 hour slot)

Thursday (10:00 - 10:50)

Friday (9:00 - 9:50)


  • Muhammad Arsath K. F.
  • Prasanna Karthik
  • Gnanambikai Krishnakumar
  • Patanjali SLPSK