CS6013. Peer evaluation.

For all the assignments, students are encouraged to write testcases to test their own program, as well as their peers. For each assignment evaulation 20% of the marks will be based on these contributed testcases. Breakup: 5% will be for submitting the valid testcases. We will get a pool of such submitted testcases. The rest 15% of the marks will be decided on how your assignment fares on the submitted testcases.

The testcases should be submitted by the "Mid-Assignment-Evaluation Deadline" on Moodle. If some of the submitted testcases are found to be incorrect / invalid / unusable, we will try to correct the same during the course of the assignment.

Students should submit five testcases each. The students testcases should not consist of any public testcases or direct copying of other submitted testcases. Each of the submitted testcases should be a valid input for the assignment.