Hello, welcome to my home page. I am a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. My current research focus is on multicore architectures, specifically, issues related to memory system design and networks-on-chip. I am associated with Programming Languages, Architecture, and Compilers Education (PACE) Lab. I am a senior member of IEEE and ACM. My Erdos number is 3 (Gheorghe Paun -> Solomon Marcus -> Paul Erdos). Prof. Madhu Mutyam
BSB 356
Dept. of CSE
IIT Madras
Chennai - 600 036
Ph: +91 44 2257 4379
Fax: +91 44 2257 4352
Email: madhu AT cse
DOT iitm DOT ac DOT in
  • CS6630: Secure Processor Microarchitecture (S'20)
  • CS6600: Computer Architecture (F'19, F'18, S'12, S'11)
  • CS6620: Advanced Computer Organization and Architecture with Lab (F'19)
  • CS2600: Computer Organization and Architecture (S'19)
  • CS2610: Computer Organization and Architecture Lab (S'19)
  • CS2300: Foundations of Computer Systems Design (F'18)
  • CS2310: Foundations of Computer Systems Design Lab (F'18)
  • CS6560: Parallel Computer Architecture (S'18, S'16, S'14, F'12, F'11, F'10)
  • CS1100: Introduction to Programming (F'17, F'15, S'14, S'12, S'10)
  • CS4100: Computer System Design (F'16, F'15, F'13, F'12)
  • CS4110: Computer System Design Lab (F'16, F'15, F'13, F'12, F'11)
  • NPTEL-MOOC: Computer Architecture (1st Jul - 31st Aug, 2015)
  • CS6200: Advanced Computer Architecture (S'13)
  • CS2610: Assembly Language Programming Lab (S'11)
  • CS2600: Computer Organization (S'11)
  • CS2300: Switching Theory and Digital Design (F'10, F'09, F'08)
  • CS2310: Digital Logic and Design Lab (F'10, F'09, F'08)
  • CS6230: CAD for VLSI (S'10, S'09, S'08)
Current Research Students:
  • Ph.D.
    • M. Praseetha
    • Praveen Kumar Alapati
    • S.R. Swami Saranam Chongala
  • M.S. (Research)
    • Abdun Nihaal
    • Sai Deepak Bezawada
    • Joe Augustine
Graduated Research Students:
  • Ph.D.
    • K. Raghavendra (2017) (Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, IIT Tirupati)
    • Tripti S. Warrier (2016) (Assistant Professor, Dept. of Electronics, Cochin University of Science and Technology, Kerala)
    • T.V. Kalyan (2015) (Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, IIT Ropar)
    • John Jose (2014) (Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, IIT Guwahati)
  • M.S. (Research)
    • Puneet Saraf (2020) (Silicon Design Engineer, AMD, Bengaluru)
    • Sayantan Ray (2019) (Senior Software Engineer, Samsung R&D Institute India, Bengaluru)
    • J. Sudharsan (2017) (Technical Staff Member, VMwareSoftware, Bengaluru)
    • Pritam Majumder (2016) (PhD Student, Dept. of CSE, Texas A&M University)
    • Prasanna Venkatesh Rengasamy (2016) (SoC Architect, Apple, California)
    • Aditya Arvind Kajwe (2014) (Software Engineer, Paypal, Chennai)
    • Arpit Joshi (2011) (Researcher, Intel, Portland)
    • Nayan Mujadiya (2011) (R&D Engineer, Synopsys, Bengaluru)
    • T.V. Kalyan (2009) (Assistant Professor, Dept. of CSE, IIT Ropar)
    • Abu Saad Papa (2008) (Product Development Lead, Invention Labs, Chennai)
    • Md. Abid Hussain (2008) (Design Engineer, Xilinx, Hyderabad)
Recent Publications: (click here for the complete list)
  • Praveen Alapati, T.V. Kalyan, Madhu Mutyam. A Scalable and Energy-Efficient Concurrent Binary Search Tree with Fatnodes. IEEE Transactions Sustainable Computing, 2020 (Accepted).
  • Debiprasanna Sahoo, Shivani Tripathy, Manoranjan Satpathy, Madhu Mutyam. Post-Model Validation of Victim DRAM Caches. IEEE International Conference on Computer Design (ICCD), pp. 305-308, 2019.
  • Praveen Alapati, Madhu Mutyam, Swamy Saranam. Concurrent Treaps and Impact of Locking Objects. New Generation Computing, 2019 (Accepted).
  • Puneet Saraf, Madhu Mutyam. Endurance Enhancement of Write-Optimized STT-RAM Caches. International Symposium on Memory Systems (MEMSYS), Washington DC, USA, Sept 30-Oct 3, 2019.
  • Sayantan Ray, Madhu Mutyam. VSCC: Variable Sized Cache Block Compaction. International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques (PACT), Seattle, USA, Sept 21-25, 2019 (Poster).
  • Debiprasanna Sahoo, Manoranjan Satpathy, Madhu Mutyam, S. Ramesh, Partha Roop. Formal Modeling and Verification of a Victim DRAM Cache. ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems (TODAES), 24(2), Article No. 20, 2019.
  • Debiprasanna Sahoo, Swaraj Sha, Manoranjan Satpathy, Madhu Mutyam. ReDRAM: A Reconfigurable DRAM Cache for GPGPUs. IEEE Computer Architecture Letters (CAL), 17(2): 213-216, 2018.
  • Debiprasanna Sahoo, Swaraj Sha, Manoranjan Satpathy, Madhu Mutyam, Ramesh S, and Partha Roop. Formal Modeling and Verification of Controllers for a Family of DRAM Caches. IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (TCAD), 37 (11):2485-2496, 2018 [Also presented in CODES+ISSS, Sep 30 - Oct 5, 2018, Torino, Italy].
  • Debiprasanna Sahoo, Swaraj Sha, Manoranjan Satpathy, Madhu Mutyam, Laxmi Narayan Bhuyan. CAMO: A Novel Cache Management Organization of GPGPUs. 23rd Asia and South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC), pp. 215-220, 2018.
  • Raghavendra K, Biswabandan Panda, Madhu Mutyam. MBZip: Multi-Block Data Compression. ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO), 14(4), Article No. 42, 2017 (29 pages) [Also included in the paper track of HiPEAC-2018, Jan 22-24, 2018, Manchester, UK].
Technical Program Committee Member:
  • 2019: ISVLSI; VLSI Design
  • 2018: ICCD; ISVLSI; VLSI Design; ASP-DAC
  • 2017: ICCD; ISVLSI; VDAT
  • 2016: ICCD; ISVLSI; VDAT
  • 2015: ICCD; iNIS; ISVLSI; IPDPS (Architecture track); PARCOMPTECH; VLSI Design;
  • 2014: ICCD; CASES; ICPP; Memory Architecture and Organization Workshop (Program Committee Co-Chair); ISVLSI (Special Session -- Track Co-Chiar); IndoSys; VLSI Design (Track Co-Chair)
  • 2013: ICPP; VLSI Design (Track Co-Chair); ISVLSI
  • 2012: VLSI Design; ISVLSI
  • 2011: VLSI Design (Track Co-Chair); ISVLSI (Finance Chair); VLSI-SoC
  • 2010: VLSI Design; ISVLSI; VLSI-SoC
  • 2009: VLSI Design; ISVLSI

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