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Associate Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai - 600 036

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My research focuses on bringing parity in AI technologies for Indian languages with respect to English with open-source contributions in tools, datasets, neural models, and reference applications. My specific areas of interest are pretrained multilingual models for natural language and speech, neural machine translation, efficient models for automatic speech recognition, and evaluation metrics for natural language generation. Please visit the Nilekani Centre at AI4Bharat to know more about my work.

Mitesh M. Khapra is an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Madras. He heads the AI4Bharat Research Lab at IIT Madras which focuses on building datasets, tools, models and applications for Indian languages. His research work has been published in several top conferences and journals including TACL, ACL, NeurIPS, TALLIP, EMNLP, EACL, AAAI, etc. He has also served as Area Chair or Senior PC member in top conferences such as ICLR and AAAI. Prior to IIT Madras, he was a Researcher at IBM Research India for four and a half years, where he worked on several interesting problems in the areas of Statistical Machine Translation, Cross Language Learning, Multimodal Learning, Argument Mining and Deep Learning. Prior to IBM, he completed his PhD and M.Tech from IIT Bombay in Jan 2012 and July 2008 respectively. His PhD thesis dealt with the important problem of reusing resources for multilingual computation. During his PhD he was a recipient of the IBM PhD Fellowship (2011) and the Microsoft Rising Star Award (2011). He is also a recipient of the Google Faculty Research Award (2018), the IITM Young Faculty Recognition Award (2019), the Prof. B. Yegnanarayana Award for Excellence in Research and Teaching (2020) and the Srimathi Marti Annapurna Gurunath Award for Excellence in Teaching (2022). Srimathi Marti Annapurna Gurunath Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2022
Nasscom AI Game Changer Award, 2021 (Academic Category: Accepted on behalf of Team Samanantar)
Prof. B. Yegnanarayana Award for Excellence in Research and Teaching, 2020
IITM Young Faculty Recognition Award, 2019
Google Faculty Research Award, 2018
Microsoft Rising Star Award, 2011
IBM PhD Fellowship, 2011-2012
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