Let’s begin from the beginning….


I am Priyanka, a second year MS student at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. Prior to that I did my B.Tech from Institute of Engineering and Management, Kolkata.  After that I went to Bhubaneswar to join Infosys Limited. Spending almost 2 years there finally I landed up in Madras. Currently I am doing my research in the area of Cryptography and Security under the guidance Prof. C. PanduRangan. I am really lucky and blessed to have a guide like him.

Apart from Cryptography and security, I find my interest in programming and problem solving. I will be sharing various kind of technical stuffs like programming problems, projects etc here.

Apart from that I will be sharing some random experiences of my life which you can find here

If you are interested in Cryptography , you can also be a part of my discussions here.

Lastly if you have any suggestions and query , you can directly send me through this contact form.