Current Students

    Postdoctoral Fellows

    Gokul S. Krishnan


    Abhishek Ghose (Part time)
    Joseph Hosanna Raj (ID) (Jointly with M. Manivannan, AM)
    Thamizharasan K (BT, Jointly with V. Srinivasa Chakravarthy)
    Preksha Nema (Jointly with Mitesh Khapra) [Google Scholar] (Thesis Submitted)
    Tarun Kumar [Intel India Research Fellow] (Jointly with Manikandan Narayanan)
    Anasua Mitra (IITG, Jointly with Ranbir Singh and Diganta Goswamy)
    Gautham Muthuravichandran (Part time)
    Sameer Mehta (DoMS, Jointly with Rahul Marathe)
    Jeshuren Chelladurai (Project)
    Chandrasekar Subramanian (Project)
    Richa Verma (External, Jointly with Harshad Khadilkar TCS Research)
    Returaj Burnwal (Jointly with Nirav Bhatt, BT)
    Argha Boksi


    Rishabh Samra (ID, EE) (Jointly with Kaushik Mitra, EE)
    Debargha Bhattacharjee (Project) (Jointly with Balaji Vasan Srinivasan, Adobe Research)
    Siddharth Nishtala (Project)
    Kartik Bharadwaj (Samsung IITM Pravartak Fellow 2021)
    Manoj Bharadhwaj (Project) (Jointly with Gitakrishnan Ramadurai, CE)
    Mayukh Das (Project)

    M. Tech.

    Vihaan Akshay Rajendiran (Dual, Robotics, Jointly with Vivek Kumar, Jackson Laboratories, USA))
    Gayathri, C. (Dual, Data Science)
    Saarthak Sandip Marathe (Dual, Data Science, Jointly with Nirav Pravinbhai Bhatt, BT)
    Prashant, G. (Dual, Data Science, Jointly with Karthik Raman, BT)
    Akash Reddy, A. (Dual, EE)
    Nishant Prabhu (Dual, Data Science)

    B. Tech.

    Post Baccalaureate Fellows

    Aravind Venugopal
    Aaditya Kumar Singh
    Adithya Ramesh
    Abhor Gupta
    Anshuman Senapati

    Project Associates

Former Students:
    Postdoctoral Fellows
    Shreya Goyal (2020-2021), Research Scientist, American Express AI Lab, Bengaluru

    Anirban Santara (IIT Kgp, Jointly with Prof. Pabitra Mitra) (2020) [Google Scholar], Research Engineer, Google Research, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Reinforcement Learning for Safe and Efficient Planning in Autonomous Driving Abstract  Thesis

    Pragathi Priyadarshini B. (BT, Jointly with Prof. V. Srinivasa Chakravarthy) (2015), Faculty, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
    Thesis title: A Risk Based Decision Making Model Combining the Functions of Dopamine and Serotonin in the Basal Ganglia Abstract  Thesis

    M. Saravanan (2008),   Ericsson Research, Chennai
    Thesis title: Ontology-Based Retrieval and Automatic Summarization of Legal Judgments Abstract  Thesis

    Pavan Ravishankar (2022) (Project) (Jointly with Sudarsan Padmanabhan HSS), PhD, New York University
    Thesis title: Systems and Societal Considerations to Mitigate Discrimination and Foster Inclusion using AI

    Rajan Kumar Soni (2022), Oracle, India
    Thesis title: Exploring graph neural nets for representation learning: A case study in HMMs

    Pranshu Malviya (2022) (Project) (Jointly with Sarath Chandar, Mila/Montreal Polytechnique), PhD, Mila/Montreal Polytechnique
    Thesis title: TAG: Task-based Accumulated Gradients for Lifelong learning

    Deepak Maurya (ID) (2021) (Jointly with Shankar Narasimhan, ChE) (Project), PhD, Purdue University
    Thesis title: Utilizing Spectral Properties of Edges for Multiple Graph/Hypergraph Learning Problems

    Kakadiya Ashutosh Dilipbhai (2021) (Project) (Jointly with Sriraam Natarajan, UT Dallas), Amazon, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Relational Contextual Bandits in Real-World User Interaction

    Shayantan Banerjee (2021) (BT, Jointly with Karthik Raman), Project Officer, RBCDSAI, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: Sequence Neighborhoods Enable Reliable Prediction of Pathogenic Mutations in Cancer Genomes

    Arjun Manoharan (2020) (Jointly with Sriraam Natarajan, CS, UT Dallas), Verisk Analytics, Hyderabad
    Thesis title: Towards Scaling-up Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning

    Nikita Moghe (2019) (Jointly with Mitesh Khapra), PhD, University of Edinburgh, UK
    Thesis title: Incorporating External Knowledge in Domain Specific Conversation Systems

    Sapana Chaudhary (2019) (ID, EE) (Jointly with Radhakrishna Ganti, EE) PhD, Texas A&M University, USA
    Thesis title: On Learning Smooth Policies in Imitation Learning

    Priyesh Vijayan (2019), PhD, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
    Thesis title: Designing better Graph Convolutional Networks: Scaling Graph Propagation based Neural Networks for Collective Classification

    Akash Jain (2019) (Jointly with Rupesh Nasre), Oracle, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Distributed Community Detection with the CEIL Score

    Deepak Mittal (2019) (Jointly with Gitakrishnan Ramadurai, CE) Verisk Analytics, Hyderabad
    Thesis title: Exploring the Plasticity of Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

    Beethika Tripathi (2019) (Jointly with Karthik Raman, BT) Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad
    Thesis title: Applications of Community Detection and Link Prediction on Multi-relational Networks

    Karthik Azhagesan (2018) (BT, Jointly with Karthik Raman) Daimler Financial Services, Suttgart, Germany
    Thesis title: Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Essential Genes across Organisms

    Subhojyoti Mukherjee (2018) (ID) (Jointly with Nandan Sudarsanam, DoMS) PhD, UMass Amherst
    Thesis title: Finite-time Analysis of Frequentist Strategies for Multi-armed Bandits Abstract  Thesis

    Bhanu Chandar V. (2018) (ED, Jointly with T. Asokan), Schlumberger, Pune
    Thesis title: Geometrical Methods for Constructing 2D and 3D Maps using Single Perspective Image for Mobile Robot Path Planning Abstract  Thesis

    Prathamesh Deshpande (2017), PhD, IIT Bombay
    Thesis title: A Study of Community Detection Algorithms in Large Networks

    Chandra Mohan T. N. (2017), SAP Labs, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Browsing Behaviour Modeling using Clickstreams

    Prasanna P. (2017), PhD, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
    Thesis title: Understanding Exploration Strategies in Model Based Reinforcement Learning Abstract  Thesis

    M. Sairamesh (2017)
    Thesis title: Learning Options with Excetions Thesis

    Avijit Saha (2016), Flipkart, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Scalable Bayesian Factorization Models for Recommender Systems Abstract  Thesis

    S. S. Manimaran (2016), Epic, Wisconsin, USA
    Thesis title: Towards an Autonomous Human Inclusive Robot Learning Framework Abstract  Thesis

    Saket Gurukar (2015) (Jointly with Dr. Sayan Ranu), PhD, Ohio State University
    Thesis title: A Scalable Approach to Mining Communication Motifs from Dynamic Networks Abstract  Thesis

    A. P. Sarath Chandar (2015), Faculty, Montreal Polytechnic and Mila, Montreal, Canada
    Winner, 2016 Biswajit Sain Memorial Award for Best MS Thesis in Computer Science, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: Correlational Neural Networks for Common Representation Learning Abstract  Thesis

    Pratik Gupte (2015) LinkedIn, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Epsilon Equitable Partitions based Approach for Role & Positional Analysis of Social Networks Abstract  Thesis

    Vishnu Sankar (2015), Amazon, Chennai
    Thesis title: Scalable Community Detection and Centrality Algorithms for Network Analysis Abstract  Thesis

    Debarun Kar (2014) (Jointly with Dr. Sutanu Chakraborti), Goldman Sachs, New York
    Thesis title: Complexity Guided Feature Weighting, Confidence Augmented Prediction and Visualization for Case based Reasoning Systems

    Karthick Rangadurai (2014), Cisco Systems, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Sequence Modelling to Detect Network Intrusions Abstract  Thesis

    K. V. N. Pradyot (2013), Hitech Robotics Systemz Ltd., Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Beyond Rewards: Learning from Richer Supervision Abstract  Thesis

    Priya Anna Mani (2012), PhD, George Mason University, Virginia, USA
    Thesis title: A Hierarchical Markov Logic Based Framework for Reasoning with Incomplete Visual Evidence Abstract  Thesis

    R. Vijayasarathy (2012), (External, SETS), Boeing, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: A Systems Approach to Network Modelling for DDoS Attack Detection using Naive Bayes Classifier Abstract  Thesis

    S. Shivashankar (2012), PhD, University of Melbourne, Australia
    Joint-Winner, 2013 Biswajit Sain Memorial Award for Best MS Thesis in Computer Science, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: Multi-view based Approaches for Collective Learning and Retrieval Tasks Abstract  Thesis

    Abhishek Ghose (2011), Ilabs, 24 x 7, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Supervised Lexical Chaining Abstract  Thesis

    A. Yousuf (2011), Nvidia, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Visual Object detection using Frequent Pattern Mining Abstract  Thesis

    Jyotika Bahuguna (2010) (IIIT Hyderabad, Jointly with Dr. Madhava Krishna)
    Thesis title: A Markov Decision Process (MDP) framework for active localization

    Dinakar Jayarajan (2009) (External, Jointly with Dr. Dipti Deodhare, CAIR),   Faculty, Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
    Thesis title: Using Semantics in Document Representation: A Lexical Chains Approach Abstract  Thesis

    Shravan Matthur Narayanamurthy (2007),   Cloud & Information Services Lab, Microsoft, Redmond
    Winner, 2008 Biswajit Sain Memorial Award for Best MS Thesis in Computer Science, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: Abstraction using Symmetries in Markov Decision Processes Abstract  Thesis

    Vimal Mathew (2007),    Kerala, India
    Thesis title: Automated Spatio-Temporal Abstraction in Reinforcement Learning Abstract  Thesis

    Aakanksha Gagrani (2007) (Jointly with Prof. Koshy Varghese, CE, IITM) ,   Oracle, Hyderabad
    Thesis title: Image Modeling using Hierarchical Conditional Random Fields Abstract  Thesis

    B. H. Sreenivasa Sarma (2007),   Chelsio Communications, Bengaluru.
    Thesis title: Intelligent Tutoring System using Reinforcement Learning Abstract  Thesis

    Sriram Raghavan (2007),   PhD, QUT
    Thesis title: Distributed Algorithms for Hierarchical Area Coverage Using Teams of Homogeneous Robots Abstract  Thesis


    Sai Harshini (Dual)
    Navodita Sharma (Dual)
    Siddharth Bhatia (Dual, Data Science, Jointly with Himabindu Lakkaraju, HBS)
    Deovrat Mehendale (Dual, Data Science, Jointly with Sarath Chandar, Mila)
    Dhruv Laad (Dual, Robotics, Jointly with Vivek Kumar, Jackson Laboratories, USA)
    Santosh Kumar
    Keval Dholakia
    Gopikrishna Yalavarthi
    Harshavardhan, P. K. (Dual) Winner, Lakshmi Ravi Award for Best Dual Degree Project in Computer Science, IIT Madras
    Jahnvi Patel (Dual)
    Anand A. R. (Dual, Data Science, Jointly with Karthik Raman, BT))
    Anand Iyer (Dual, Data Science)
    Abhishek Rao (Dual, Data Science)
    Vinit Mehta (Dual, Data Science, Jointly with Vivek Kumar, Jackson Laboratories, USA)
    Abhijeet Vyas (Dual, Data Science)
    Abhijeet Ghawade (Dual, EE)
    Shubham Choudhary (Dual, Robotics)
    Soham Raste (Dual, Robotics)
    Rahul Ramesh (Dual), PhD, University of Pennsylvania, USA
    Thesis title: Option Discovery and Skill Acquisition in Reinforcement Learning using Successor Representations

    Kavya Mrudula (Dual)
    Thesis title: Simultaneous Planning and Learning in large MDPs

    Bhuvan Agrawal (Dual), MS, CMU, USA
    Thesis title: Reinforcement Learning based Decision Trees

    Manan Tomar (Dual, ED, Jointly with T. Asokan), Facebook AI Research, Mountain View, CA, USA
    Thesis title: Reinforcement Learning based Decision Trees

    Rohan Saphal (Dual, ED, Jointly with Shankar Ram C. S.), MS, Oxford University, UK
    Thesis title: Deep Relational and Robust Reinforcement Learning

    Sachin Agrawal (Dual, EE, Jointly with Karthik Raman, BT), Daimler, Stuttgart, Germany
    Thesis title: Deep Learning for Network Chemistry and Network Biology

    Ujjawal Soni (Dual), Samsung R&D, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Zero-shot Learning for Multi-relational Network Embedding

    Abhishek Naik (Dual), PhD, Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
    Thesis title: Deep Reinforcement Learning: Reliability and Multi-Agent Environments

    Manika Agarwal (Dual), Goldman-Sachs, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Option Learning in Multi-tasking Environment

    Mohan Bhambani (Dual), IBM Research, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Action constrained Reinforcement Learning for reasoning using Knowledge Graphs

    Joe Eappen (Dual, EE, Jointly with Kaushik Mitra), PhD, Purdue University, USA
    Thesis title: Hierarchical Approaches to Reinforcement Learning Using Attention Networks

    Arjun, K. G. (Dual, ED, Jointly with T. Asokan), Intel, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Design and Implementation of An Improved Reinforcement Learning Algorithm for Robotics

    Denzil Francis Crasta
    Thesis title: Distributed Network Representation Learning on Apache Spark

    Sudhan, M. (BT, Jointly with Dr. Mathew Joseph, CMC Vellore)
    Thesis title: Artificial Intelligence Enabled Tool for Traumatic Brain Injury Triaging

    Sahil Sharma (Dual), Google, Bengaluru
    Winner, Lakshmi Ravi Award for Best Dual Degree Project in Computer Science, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: Temporal Abstractions and Multi-Task Learning for High Dimensional Visual Control

    Sagar, J. P. (Dual)
    Thesis title: Investigations in Deep Reinforcement Learning

    Aravind Srinivas, L. (Dual, EE, Jointly with Kaushik Mitra), PhD, UC Berkeley
    Thesis title: Structured Policy Learning: Hierarchies, Temporal Abstractions and Meta-Controllers for Deep Reinforcement Learning

    Ghulam Ahmed Ansari (Dual, EE, Jointly with Kaushik Mitra), IBM-IRL, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Learning Language and Expanding Vocabulary Through Reinforcement Learning

    Sai Kiran (Dual, EE, Jointly with Venkatesh Ramaiyan), CSE, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: Studies in Structural Similarity Measures over Information Networks

    Sai Rahul Vaduga (Dual, EE, Jointly with R. Aravind)
    Thesis title: Named Entity Recognition in Noisy Text

    Vishruit Kulshreshta (Dual, ME, Jointly with Prabhu Rajagopal)
    Thesis title: Extraction of Defect features from Infrared Thermographic welding videos using Machine Learning

    Bhuvaneswari, S. (EE, Jointly with Ramkrishna Pasumarti)
    Thesis title: Reinforcement Learning for Control and Stabilization of Mechanical Systems

    Raghuram Satyamurthy
    Thesis title: Embedding on Multi-Relational Attributed Network using Deep Learning Techniques

    Charu Chauhan, Microsoft, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: User Behavior Modelling For Implicit Authentication

    Prashant Tatan
    Thesis title: Network Analytics using Distributed Frameworks

    R. Janarthanan (Dual, EE, Jointly with Kaushik Mitra), PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    Thesis title: Facets in Transfer Learning - Across Modalities, and Tasks

    Varun Gangal (Dual, Jointly with Venkatesh Ramaiyan, EE), PhD, CMU
    Thesis title: Centrality and Influence in Signed Social Networks & Hypergraphs

    Pallavi Gudipati (Dual, Jointly with Karthik Raman, BT), Apple Inc., Paris
    Thesis title: Neighborhood Analysis of Genomic Data

    Ramnandan, K., (Dual)
    Thesis title: Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning using Spatio-Temporal Abstractions and Deep Neural Networks

    Mohsin Vindhani (Dual, ED, Jointly with Sandipan Bandyopadhyay)
    Thesis title: Motion planning for parallel manipulators using Rapidly Exploring Random Trees

    Harini A., Google, Bengaluru
    Joint Winner, H. N. Mahabala Award for Best M.Tech. Project in Computer Science, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: A Hypergraph approach to Multi-view Multi-relational Learning

    Bharadwaj J., VISA, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Alignment of Web Taxonomies using Hierarchical Classification

    Dhanvin Mehta (Dual) (Jointly with Prof. Ron Parr, Duke), PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    Thesis title: Solving for Lipschitz Continuous Value Functions through induced MDPs

    Spandana Raj B. (Dual), Google, Mountain View
    Thesis title: Learning with Multi-view Hypergraphs: A Spectral Perspective

    Sai Chaitanya M. (Dual)
    Thesis title: Path Planning in Non-stationary Environments using RRTs

    Parthasarathy G. (Dual, Jointly with Karthik Raman, BT), Epic Systems, Wisconsin
    Thesis title: Predicting Essential Genes in Microbes

    Anuja Agrawal (Dual Degree), Google, Mountain View
    Thesis title: Active Multi-View Learning with Performance Guarantees

    Santhosh Kumar M. (Dual Degree), Google, Mountain View
    Thesis title: Approximate Inference in Graphical Models using Convex Relaxations

    Sai Nageswar Satchidanand
    Winner, H. N. Mahabala Award for Best M.Tech. Project in Computer Science, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: Multi-view, Multi-relation Transductive Inference

    Pratik Gajane, PhD, INRIA, France
    Thesis title: Studies in Bandit Problems

    Aayush Vyas
    Thesis title: Novel Applications of Network Centrality Measures

    Peeyush Kumar (Dual Degree, AE/AM, Jointly with Prof. Manivannan, AM), PhD, University of Washington
    Thesis title: Hierarchical Decision Making using Spatio-Temporal Abstraction in Reinforcement Learning

    Priyatosh Mishra, PhD, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: An Approach to Collaborative Filtering using Constrained Clustering and Multi-Armed Bandits

    Swarnim Soni, Microsoft, Redmond
    Thesis title: Speeding up Community Detection Algorithms in Social Network Analysis

    Sharmistha Jat, PhD, IISc, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Semi-Supervised Learning for Sentiment Analysis

    Preetham V., MSIDC, Hyderabad
    Thesis title: Reinforcement Learning in RoboCup Soccer

    Arun Chaganty (Dual Degree), PhD, Stanford University
    Thesis title: Inter-Task Learning with Spatio-Temporal Abstractions

    Adhiraj Alai (Dual Degree, Jointly with Prof. Krishna Sivalingam), McKinsey, Mumbai
    Thesis title: Coevolution of Structure and Strategy in Small World Graphs

    Ananda Narayanan B (Dual Degree, EE, Jointly with Prof. Arvind), PhD, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    Thesis title: Control of Sample Complexity and Regret in Bandits using Fractional Moments Thesis

    Divya Padmanabhan (Jointly with Dr. Ashish V. Tendulkar, TIFR Mumbai), PostDoc, SUTD
    Thesis title: Language Models for Protein Sequence Retrieval

    Bharath, S. (Jointly with Dr. Ashish V. Tendulkar, TIFR Mumbai), Adobe Systems, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Approximate Entity Matching

    Vignesh G. (M.Sc., CMI, Jointly with Prof. Madhavan Mukund), Perspica Networks, Chennai
    Thesis title: Recommender Systems using Constrained Clustering and Contextual Bandits

    Prateek Gaur (Dual Degree)

    Pravar Mahajan (Dual Degree)

    O. Surya Kiran (Dual Degree)

    Mahesh Yadangi (Dual Degree)

    Vivek Shribatri

    P. Prathyush (Dual Degree)
    Thesis title: Cognitive AI and Reinforcement Learning

    Sheshank Dudyala (Dual Degree), MBA, IIM Kolkata
    Thesis title: Parallel Implementations of Origami: A Representative Frequent Subgraph Mining Algorithm

    Anunay Biswas (Dual Degree), Microsoft IDC, Hyderabad
    Thesis title: Shapley Value based Approach for Selecting Top-k Nodes for Viral Marketing

    Rajesh Barua, Intel, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Autonomous robot localization and navigation using an ensemble of sensors

    Soni Hardik, K., Postdoctoral Fellow, Cornell Universtiy, USA
    Thesis title: Classification of Execution Intervals of Program/Input pair using Cache Miss and Hidden Markov Model

    Shashank Namdev
    Thesis title: Building a Library for Text Processing with Hadoop

    Aashish Dattani (Dual Degree), Target, USA
    Joint-Winner, H. N. Mahabala Award for Best M.Tech. Project in Computer Science, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: Reducing Markov Decision Processes using Approximate Symmetries Synopsis

    Angshu Rai (Dual Degree), ZS Associates, Pune
    Thesis title: Intention Extraction From Microblogs

    Sanjay Karanth (Dual Degree-EE), Morgan Stanley, Mumbai
    Thesis title: Experiments in Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning

    Girish Rao, MSIDC, Hyderabad
    Thesis title: Reducing Cache Misses by Data Pre-fetching in a Multi-core Architecture using Hidden Markov Models

    Bala Murali Krishna, Deustche Bank, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Network Sampling using Ego Centric Approach

    Ka. Shrinivaasan (M.Sc., CMI, Jointly with Prof. Madhavan Mukund), PhD, CMI
    Thesis title: Few algorithms for ascertaining merit of a document and their applications
    Ankit Malpani (Dual Degree) (Jointly with Prof. Hema A. Murthy) ,  MBA, Indian School of Business, Hyderabad
    Thesis title: Personalized Intelligent Tutoring System Abstract

    Kiran Kate ,  IBM T. J. Watson Research Labs, USA.
    Nominee, H. N. Mahabala Award for Best M.Tech. Project in Computer Science, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: Positional Analysis of Social Networks Abstract

    Hemang Mandalia, Credit Suisse, Pune
    Thesis title: Behavioral Analysis Of Telecomm Consumer

    Manish Patil ,  i2 Technologies, Bengaluru.
    Thesis title: Interactive Interface To Search Engine

    Vijayalakshmi K. ,  @Walmart Labs, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Active Learning For State Mapping

    Vivek Gupta,   VizExperts, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Developmental Learning As Reinforcement Learning

    Rachit Arora (Dual Degree),   Twitter, Bay Area
    Thesis title: Latent Dirichlet Allocation and Singular Value Decomposition based Multi-Document Summarization Abstract 

    Gagan Kumar Arora (Dual Degree),   Financial Programmer, University of New Orleans
    Thesis title: Automated Feature Extraction From Retinal Images To Assist In Early Detection Of Diabetic Retinopathy

    Simarjit Singh,   Suzlon Power, Pune
    Nominee, H. N. Mahabala Award for Best M.Tech. Project in Computer Science, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: Policy Learning in Partially Observable Environment Abstract 

    P. Swaminathan,   inMobi, Bengaluru.
    Nominee, H. N. Mahabala Award for Best M.Tech. Project in Computer Science, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: Co-SOFT-Clustering-An Informatic Theoretic Approach To Obtain Overlapping Clusters From Co-occurrence Data Abstract 

    V. Karthik,   Microsoft, Hyderabad
    Thesis title: A Communication And Positioning Platform for multi-agent systems

    V. P. Murali Krishnan,   Microsoft, Redmond
    Thesis title: Communication In Hierarchical Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning

    I. V. Siva Prakash
    Thesis title: Extrinsic Evaluation of Text Summarizers

    V. Aravind

    Ch. Rajesh
    Thesis title: Information Extraction From Seminar Emails Using Hidden Markov Model

    V. Sudhir
    Thesis title: A Survey Of Various Probablistic Markov Models For Document Segmentation


    Yogesh Tripati
    Vishnu Veerathu
    Utkarsh Patel
    Sujith Verma
    Siddharth Nayak (EE)
    Ameet Deshpande, PhD, Princeton University, USA.
    Thesis title: Leveraging Sentiment Analysis for Sparse Reward Reinforcement Learning in Text-Based Games

    Aakash Srinivasan, MS, University of California, Los Angeles, USA.
    Thesis title: Link Prediction in Networks

    Ashutosh Jha (ME, Jointly with Balaji Srinivasan), Goldman-Sachs, Bengaluru.
    Thesis title: Melanoma Tumor Parameter Estimation using Deep Learning

    K. Arjun, Indeed, Tokyo, Japan
    Thesis title: Model-based Planning for Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning in Continuous Domains

    Girish Raguvir, Microsoft, Vancouver, Canada
    Thesis title: Confidence-based Returns: A Novel Approach to Mix n-step Returns for Reinforcement Learning

    S. Aravind (EE, Jointly with Arvind), Uber, Hyderabad
    Thesis title: Identifying Latent Hierarchies using Imitation Learning

    Sai Praveen, MS CMU
    Joint Winner, C. Siva Ram Murthy Award for Best B.Tech. Project in Computer Science, IIT Madras
    Thesis title: Approaches to Spatial Reasoning in Reinforcement Learning

    J. S. Suhas, Microsoft Research, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Continuous Control for Simulated Creatures using Hierarchy of Policies

    Rakesh Menon (EE, Jointly with Kaushik Mitra), MS, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA
    Thesis title: Enhancing Reinforcement through Ensemble Learning

    Manu S. H. (EE, Jointly with Ramkrishna Pasumarti)
    Thesis title: Shared Learning in Ensemble Deep Q-Networks And Optimal Bidding using Reinforcement Learning for Electricity Markets

    Sanjay Ganapathy (jointly with Anand Raghunathan, EE/Purdue), Google, Hyderabad
    Thesis title: Input Adaptive Optimisations for Convolutional Neural Networks

    Abdeali Kothari (EP, jointly with Ramkrishna Pasumarti, EE)
    Thesis title: Autonomous control of Quad-rotor and payloads using Reinforcement Learning

    Kunal Grover (ME, jointly with Somasundar, ME)
    Thesis title: Using Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous control of Quadrotor and payloads

    Bala Saravanan (ME, jointly with Arunachalam, ME), MS, University of California Berkeley
    Winner, Sivasailam Merit Prize for Best B.Tech. Project in Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras
    Winner, S. R. I. Endowment Prize for Best Interdisciplinary B.Tech. Project , IIT Madras
    Thesis title: Development of a system model for Internet of Things Enabled CNC Milling

    Harish Kumar (EP), Amazon, Hyderabad
    Thesis title: Algorithmic Music Composition with LSTM Neural Networks and Reinforcement Learning

    Vaishnavh Nagarajan, PhD, CMU
    Thesis title: A Know-What-It-Knows Algorithm for Inverse Reinforcement Learning

    Aishwarya Padmakumar, PhD, UT Austin
    Thesis title: Aggregate Diversity in Recommendation Systems

    Sanjan, T. P. (BT, Jointly with Karthik Raman)
    Thesis title: Decoding the framework of Metabolic Pathways

    Navyata Sanghvi (ME, Jointly with M. Manivannan), MS, CMU

    Sabarinath N. P., Facebook, London
    Thesis title: Evolution of Strategy in Dynamic Small World Graphs

    Rongali Subendhu, MS, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    Thesis title: An Auto-encoder approach for Multiview Learning

    Praveen Kumar M. (EE, Jointly with Krishna Jagannathan), Hyperverge, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Object Categorization using Heirarchical Markov Logic Network Framework

    Vikram Rao S., Twitter, San Francisco, USA
    Thesis title: Small-World Options in Reinforcement Learning -
    In the Automatic Guided Vehicle Domain

    Vijay Karthik M., Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Small-World Options in Reinforcement Learning -
    In a Simplified Automatic Guided Vehicle Domain

    Shiva R., PhD, New York University, New York

    Akshaya Sivakumar, Goldman Sachs, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Performance of Co-Training for Classification of Network Data

    Sanjay Guruprasad (EP, Jointly with Dr. Aditi Simha)
    Thesis title: Word Sense Disambiguation using supervised and unsupervised methods based on Lexical Chains

    K. Rahul Reddy, Goldman-Sachs, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: A Comparitive Study of Multi-Label learning algorithms on the task of Text Categorisation

    Phani Kishan, IIM, Calcutta
    Thesis title: A Study of Classification Models for Angle Closure Glaucoma using Support Vector Machines

    Shravan Shrinivas, B.
    Thesis title: Distributed Methods for Computing Centrality using Shapley Values

    Siva Prakash, K.
    Thesis title: Distributed Methods To Solve Data Mining Algorithms Using MapReduce

    Aditya Shankar, Goldman-Sachs, London
    Thesis title: Sentiment analysis of Financial Documents

    Komal Prajapathi, MSIDC, Hyderabad
    Thesis title: Comparative analysis of various Reinforcement Learning techniques

    Jay Nitin Karnik (EE)
    Thesis title: Creation of a Virtual Computer Laboratory using Virtualization

    S. Shonima,    Zynga, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Models for Prediction of Angle Closure Glaucoma Abstract 

    K. Ravi Teja,   
    Thesis title:

    Avinash P.,    IIM, Ahmedabad
    Thesis title: Behavior Analysis Of Telecomm Data Through Social Networks

    Deepthi Cheboli,   Goldman-Sachs, New York
    Thesis title: Models For Detection Of Keratoconus Abstract 

    Dharmendra Katariya, Morgan Stanley, Mumbai
    Thesis title: Intent Searching By Hierarchical Classification Of Web Content

    Pankaj Chand,   English Dost, Bengaluru
    Thesis title: Representation Of Tetris As A Reinforcement Learning Problem

    Vipul Hattiwale,   Microsoft, Bellevue, WA, USA
    Thesis title: Intrusion Detection Using Hidden Markov Models

    B. Dharrini,   Credit Suisse, UK
    Thesis title: Personalized Search Using Contextual Dimensions

    Aniket Ray,   Google, Mountain View, CA, USA
    Thesis title: Models For Prediction Of Retinopathy Of Prematurity Abstract 

    Siddesh Karra,   Lehman Brothers, Hong Kong
    Thesis title: Information Extraction From Web Discussion Forums

    Matthieu Aubrey (Exchange Student),   OpenX, France

    Pranjal Awasthi,   Faculty, Rutgers University, NJ, USA
    Thesis title: Image Segmentation using Multiscale Conditional Random Fields Abstract 

    Himanshu Shirmali,   Citigroup, Mumbai
    Thesis title: Robot Navigation In Partially Observable Domains

    P. Sriram
    Thesis title: Intelligent Tutoring Systems

    Jayaprakash Kommu,   CRISIL, Chennai.
    Thesis title: Developing The Functionality And Introducing Control Mechanism To Beam Robots(Scout Walker)

    V. Muralidharan

    E. Siva Sowmya,   Intel Corp., Santa Clara, CA, USA
    Thesis title: Placement And Routing Of 3D-FPGA using Reinforcement Learning and Support Vector Machines Abstract 

    Post Baccalaureate Fellows

    Sivapriya Vellaichamy, MS, Georgia Tech
    Karthik, V., MS, UIUC
    Amrit Seshadhri, MS, Imperial College, London
    Returaj Burnwal, PhD, IIT Madras

    Project Associates

    Ajay Gopalakrishnan,    Amazon, USA.
    Mansimar Aneja,    Sintron Electronics Pvt. Ltd., Chennai
    Prahasaran Raja,    MS, SUNY Buffalo
    Addwiteey Chrungoo,    PhD, University of Pennsylvania
    Shamshu Dharwez,    Sulekha, Chennai
    Sri Ramana, MS, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
    S. Bhuvaneshwari, M. Tech, EE, IIT Madras
    Aravind Rajeswaran, PhD, University of Washington, Seattle
    Mohammed Hisham C. G.
    Athindran, R., PhD, Princeton University, USA
    Sai Kiran, N., PhD, University of Texas, Austin, USA
    Sankaran, V., MS, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
    Depen Morwani, MS, IIT Madras
    Saurabh Desai, MS, Oregon State University, USA

Current Students

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