NSM online Workshop on

Machine Learning for Construction Automation

June 4 -- 8, 2021

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In association with the International Association of Automation and Robotics in Construction, IIT Madras is organizing a machine learning workshop on construction automation. The workshop will cover the basics of promising machine learning algorithms with applications to building and construction automation. Practical civil engineering examples will be used for illustration. Numerical exercises involving the use of simple software tools will be used for understanding the concepts better. There will be also be discussion sessions for bringing out potential applications in civil engineering.

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Introduce fundamentals of machine learning techniques and develop skills to select the right techniques to solve civil engineering automation problems. The online event is planned from June 4 -- 8, 2021 and is open to everyone.

Who should attend?

  • Civil engineering, architecture and construction management students aiming to pursue research in construction automation
  • Practicing engineers in construction and design firms who wish to get introduced to machine learning


  • Introduction to machine learning
  • An overview of learning tasks and algorithms
  • Classification
  • Regression
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Artificial Neural Networks
  • Case studies in construction automation

What do I get from the workshop?

  • Understanding of the fundamental principles of machine learning algorithms
  • Pointers to tools and techniques for practical use
  • General idea about where machine learning can be used in construction automation and robotics
  • Possible research topics for further exploration

After successful completion of the workshop, a certificate will be awarded to each participant.

There will be an award for the best participant who makes the most active contribution to the workshop.

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Benny Raphael

Bharadwaj Mantha

Koshy Varghese

Varun Reja


  • Coordinator: Dr. Benny Raphael, Professor, Dept. of Civil Engineering, IIT Madras
  • Organised by: IAARC Workshops and Summer Schools Committee and IAARC Students Chapter at IIT Madras