January 24 + 25, 2019
Aryabhatta Hall, CSE Department, IIT Madras

HPCE IIT Madras in collaboration with NVIDIA is organizing a hackathon for students to help accelerate their applications on GPUs. Please take advantage of this event to improve performance of your research applications. Note that this is not a competition. NVIDIA experts would help improve speedup of your applications. The event is planned on January 24 + 25.

Please register for the hackathon. More details would be sent to the registered participants.


The event is scheduled from 09:00--17:00 at Aryabhatta Hall (CSB 25), CSE Department, IIT Madras.

Day 1 (January 24)
  + Opening ceremony
  + Half-day presentations and training from NVIDIA
  + Half-day hands-on session from NVIDIA

Day 2 (January 25)
  + Application optimization by IITM Teams
  + Evaluation
  + Closing ceremony

Tea breaks would be at 11:00 and 15:30 on both the days.
Detailed Agenda
Topic Description
Introduction to Heterogeneous ComputingWhy hybrid Architecture?
Heterogeneous Programming Models
Moore's law, Dennard Scaling, Amdahl's law
CPU vs GPU Architecture Gives fundamental difference between the throughput based vs latency based architecture
Ways to GPGPU Programming Libraries vs Directive based vs Languages
Hands-on Directive based ProgrammingIntroduction to OpenACC
Directive based Programming – Hands-on
CUDA LanguagesIntroduction to CUDA C API
Introduction to CUDA Memory Hierarchy
Hands-On CUDA C Programming
Mini Application Hands-On session on real world Mini-Application in domain of Weather/CFD
Matlab on GPU GPU support on Matlab and how to write CUDA code on Matlab
IITM Application porting Discuss strategy for porting in-house application
Porting under guidance of mentor

HPCE Team thanks CSE Department for supporting us conduct the event.


NVIDIA Organizers
Prakash Tubakad, Bharat Kumar

IITM Organizers
Anand, Prasanna, Saravana, Gayathri, Rupesh
HPCE, IIT Madras