Summer Projects and Workshop 2015

June 10 -- 26, 2015
CSE Department, IIT Madras, Chennai

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What is SPW?

Summer Projects and Workshop (SPW) is a forum launched by IIT Madras professors and senior students to expose first year students to real-life problem-solving applications. With multi complex situations requiring usage of more than one skill set, these projects become a challenging yet an exciting platform to learn coding in Python and design the applications. The applications are usually coded in one or more of Python, C, C++ and Matlab. This year, the primary emphasis would be on Python.

SPW was earlier organized as a three week Software Training Workshop (STW) in the summer of 2013, and later as SPW in 2014. Both the events were quite successful: about 46 students attended from six different prestigious colleges (four IITs, one NIT and others) in 2013 and around 25 students (from IITM, RVCE Bangalore, COE Pune, PESIT Bangalore) attended in 2014. Such a program is invaluable to enable and empower the young minds.

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