NSM Mini-Course on

Programming with Sycl

October 16 -- 21, 2023


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This mini-course introduces programming Intel GPUs and CPUs with Sycl / DPC++.


Introduce fundamentals of GPU Computing and develop Sycl / DPC++ programs on Intel GPUs and CPUs.

Who should attend?

  • Students interested in parallel programming
  • Practitioners working with parallel programming models
  • Instructors teaching parallel programming and data structures

What do I get from the workshop?

  • Understanding similarity and differences between CPU and GPU computing
  • Explosure in programming Intel GPUs
  • Gentle introduction and sample codes
After successful completion of the workshop, a certificate will be awarded to each participant attending all the sessions.

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Anukul Dewangan

IIT Madras

Ayush Mall

IIT Madras

Khush Jogi

IIT Madras

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