Open Door Time: Tuesdays 16:30

Want to talk?

I am available for a casual or serious chat.
  • Drop by my office (CSB 11, ground floor of the CSE Department), or
  • Call me at +91-44-22574374, or
  • Share your thoughts via this form.

    What can we talk about?

  • Relationship Problems: If you feel distressed that you do not have a girl-friend or you feel cheated after a long relationship or you feel dumped.
  • Guide Problems: If you are not having a good time with your guide, or your guide is troubling you.
  • Academic Issues, Low Grades: If your grades are low and you are unsure how you would cope-up with the pressure of graduation.
  • Internship, Job Pressure: If you didn't get placed for internship or job, or not having enough time / motivation to prepare.
  • Financial Constraints: If you or your family has financial constraints and you are unable to pay fees or buy the essentials.
  • Peer Pressure: If the peer pressure comes to your nerves and is killing you day-and-night.
  • General Rant Against Insti / Life: If you have complaints against your hostel or department life, or how life has been unfair to you.
  • Other Issues: If you have any other issues or thoughts that you want to share.

    Even if it is not about you, but about your friend / colleague, please feel free to let me know. I may not have solutions to your problems, but I will listen to you.