Jul-Nov 2017

November 24 in MR2

Sr. No. Student Name Student Roll No. Area Mentor FacultyTimeExaminerObserver
1 Sai Mohith CS14B047 Graph Isomorphism JS09:00JAYV
2 Bhuvan Agrawal CS14B060 Circuit Complexity JS09:30
3 Girish Raguvir CS14B059 Dynamic Data Structures NSN10:00
4 Prem Krishnaa CS14B049 Stable Marriage MN10:30
5 Revanth Reddy CS14B025 Edge Replacement Grammars BR11:00 on November 23HG
6 Rachit Garg CS14B050 Security SA11:30 11:00CR
7 Ajaykrishnan Jayagopal CS14B033 Compilers and Machine Learning RN12:00 11:30
8 Amol Dumrewal CS14B035 Graph Algorithms RN12:30 12:00

60 (guide) + 20 (examiner) + 20 (observer / coordinator)
Marks are based on the overall work done, technical report, and presentation.

Deadline Deliverable Comments
April 10 Proposal submission Rupesh's mailbox in CS Office
April 12 Proposal approval Rupesh will mail you.
April 16 CoT submission to FacAd
July 31 Work starts Schedule regular meetings with the mentor faculty.
November 10 Report submission to mentor faculty
November 17 Report submission by email to Rupesh; Rupesh would circulate it to the examiner.
November 24 Presentation submission to mentor faculty
November 24 27 Viva MR2 between 09:00 -- 13:00
November 30 December 9 Grade upload by Rupesh


Procedure followed during pre-registration (April 2017):
Please follow the below procedure for UG Research Course CS4900 (CS14 batch is not allowed to do the second course CS4910, as only one UGRC was allowed for the batch by DCC).
Students opting to credit CS4900 course, have to talk to a CSE faculty member (called mentor faculty) with whom they intend to do this course and arrive at a project proposal and plan for execution.

  1. Get a proposal ready in consultation with the mentor faculty, clearly outlining the work involved. This proposal must be signed by the mentor faculty and will be used for the approval process. Deadline for the proposal submission is 5pm, Apr 10, 2017 to Rupesh's mailbox in CS Office.
  2. Rupesh will inform the students by email if their proposals are approved within two days. The students need to get a COT form signed from Rupesh recording this approval (same COT form as for regular elective approval). If not approved, preregister for an elective.
  3. The COT forms have to be submitted to your faculty adviser before the preregistration deadline of April 16 (We will optimize this step if Rupesh is your FacAd).
  4. Add UGRC CS4900 in workflow. This can be done in parallel with Step 3, but only after Step 2. You will not be allowed to add UGRC course in July / August.
  5. From the next semester starting from July 31, proceed with the research work with the mentor faculty.
  6. There will be an end-semester evaluation in the form of a presentation of the work done and viva, involving an evaluation team of faculty. Details of this will be informed later.