Sayan Ranu



Best Paper Award!:

Our work on diversified query expansion receives best paper award at WISE 2016. Congrats Adit!

Dec 10th-17th, 2015:

Attending ICDM 2016 at Barcelona, Spain.

Upcoming talks on Trajectory Analytics

Dec 6th at Indo-US workshop on Big Data.
Dec 7th at CAIR, DRDO, Bangalore.

Sep, 2016: Paper alert!

Debunking the myths of Influence Maximization in our new SIGMOD paper.

Sep, 2016: Paper accepted in ICDM!

So many graph pattern mining techniques and all suffering from information redundancy. Use our generic framework to overcome this bottleneck.

Sep, 2016:

Attending VLDB 2016 from 5th-9th September.

Aug, 2016:

Attending KDD 2016 from 13th-17th August.

July, 2016:

Invited to talk at the Data Science in India event in KDD 2016. The talk will be on August 15th.

July, 2016: Paper accepted!

Our technique for diversified query expansion accepted in WISE 2016. Congrats Adit!

Video trailer of our kdd 2016 paper.


June, 2016:

Serving on the program committee of WWW 2017.

29th June, 2016:

Giving a talk at Amazon, Bangalore.

21st-22nd June, 2016:

Invited to speak at the Indo-Norway workshop at IIIT Hyderabad.

May, 2016: Paper alert!

Our technique to mine anomalous sub-trajectories has been accepted in KDD 2016!

Feb, 2016:

Jithin from our research group has been awarded the TCS fellowship. Congrats!

I am an Assistant Professor in the CSE department at IIT Madras. My research interests span the broad area of data analytics with particular focus on graph indexing and mining, social network analysis, querying and mining spatio-temporal data, and bioinformatics. The tag-cloud of my paper abstracts provides an accurate representation of my research interests.

I graduated from the Computer Science department of University of California, Santa Barbara in March, 2012. Prior to joining IIT M, I worked at IBM Research, Bangalore for a year and a half. During my grad school days, I worked on querying and mining molecular databases in the DBL lab under the supervision of Prof. Ambuj Singh.

Internships: I am NOT offering any short-term projects. My apologies if I don't respond to your email.


sayan at cse dot iitm dot