Research Interests

Computer Architecture

Multicore microarchitecture, Last-level cache management, Prefetchers, Parallel and irregular applications, NoCs

High Performance Computing

Numerical methods and linear algebra, Approximate computing, Auto-parallelization, High Performance Compilers, GPUs

VLSI Design Automation

Analytical Placement, Convex Optimization, Parallel CAD, Logic Synthesis

Parallel Algorithms and Concurrent Programming

Parallelization of graph algorithms, Performance/energy tradeoffs in parallel applications, Concurrent data-structures

Digital VLSI

Delay modeling and library characterization, Trojans and physically uncloneable functions, FPGA implementations

Recent Publications

Research Openings

If you are interested in a research position, please contact me by email. Send in a detailed CV along with your area of interest and if possible even a brief proposal or a problem statement.