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Madras Christian College, 1986-1989, B.Sc(Mathematics) in 1989
EE Department, IISc, 1989-1993, M.E(Electrical Engg) in 1993
CSA Department, IISc, 1994-1999, PhD in 2001

Indian Institute of Science, Supercomputer Education and Research Centre, 1993-1994, Project Associate
University of Munich, Institut Fuer Informatik, TCS Group, 2000-2002, Postdoctoral Fellow
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, CSE Department, 2002-2003, Visiting Faculty Member
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, CSE Department, 2003-March 2009, Assistant Professor
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, CSE Department, March 2009-July 2015, Associate Professor
Indian Institute of Technology Madras, CSE Department, July 2015 onwards, Professor

Visiting Research Positions
University of Aarhus, BRICS, Visiting Research Student, May-July 1999
University of Munich, Visiting Researcher, May-June 2004
Max Planck Institute fuer Informatik, Visiting Researcher, May-July 2005
ETH Zurich, Visiting Researcher, May-June 2008
Institute of Mathemtical Sciences, Chennai, Visiting Researcher, August 2009-March 2010

Administrative Positions at IITM
IIT Madras Timetabling Committee, CSE Department Representative, 2012
Warden, Tapti Hostel, 2010 onwards
Department Computing Facility Coordinator 2004-2009, 2010 onwards
B.Tech/Dual-Degree Curriculum Revision Task Force 2008, CSE Department Representative
National Cadet Corps, Faculty-in-charge 2004-2006
Minor Contributions to setting up Computing Facilities at IIT Hyderabad
Minor Contribution to CS Curriculum Design and setting up Computing Facility at IIT Mandi

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