Courses that I teach
Core Courses
Languages, Machines, and Computation - For CSE Undergraduates
Computational Engineering - For 1st year Undergraduates
Paradigms of Programming - For CSE Undergraduates
Object Oriented Software Engineering Laboratory - For CSE M.Tech students
Mathematical Concepts in Computer Science - For CSE M.Tech students
Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms - For CSE M.Tech students and in 2011 to IIT Mandi students. 2012 please visit this ADSA 2012
Advanced Programming Laboratory - For CSE M.Tech students
Elective Courses
Planning and Constraint Satisfaction - Graduate Level course
Recent Developments in Theoretical Computer Science(Online Algorithms, Combinatorial Optimization) - Graduate Level Course
Topics in Design and Analysis of Algorithms (Parameterized Complexity) - Graduate Level Course
Theory Toolkit - For CSE Master's and PhD students
Advanced Algorithms - For CSE Master's and PhD students

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