Suggested sequence for (current) Theory Courses @ CSE-IITM

The following diagram indicates the suggested route to go through the "current" courses.

Last updated on Jan 14, 2022.

Note : Regular lines indicates the pre-requisites for PG students. Thick line indicates strict pre-requisite. Red dotted line indicate a "jump" and is recommended only for the students who are really comfortable and confident about the course contents of the pre-req (which is the starting point of that arrow). This background color for a box indicates courses running in the current semester. Out of them the ones where the font color is grey are usually offered in the odd semester, but not being offered this time (Jul-Nov 2020).

Core Courses that many of us offer: Generic Electives: Electives :
In addition to these, there are also courses that the CCD group offers. These include, Foundations of Cryptography, Topics in Cryptography, Distributes Algorithms, Topics in Distributed Algorithms etc.