CS 6849 : Modern Trends in Computer Graphics

July - November, 2012

Course Contents


  • Introduction
    • Revisiting the basics: Solid object Modeling, scene description, Viewing pipeline, texture mapping, Rendering, animation; Current focus and interest.

  • Surface modeling
    • NURBS, The Quadratic Rational Bezier Arc, Global and local interpolation, Advanced Surface Construction Techniques - Skinned surface, Swept surface, Coons surface etc., Tessellation and advanced meshing, mapping and warping shapes, procedural and interactive modeling of artificial objects.

  • Subdivision and refinement
    • Voronoi tessellation and triangulation, Corner cutting, Chaikin's Algorithm, Refinement Process, Mesh and Refinement Operators, Doo-Sabin Algorithm, Catmull-Clark Algorithm, Peters-Reif Algorithm, Loop Algorithm.

  • Soft object modeling
    • Methods of cloth modeling, skin rendering, hair, leaves, grass.

  • GPU based rendering
    • Computing with GPU and volume rendering techniques, Use of CUDA, OpenGL extension, deferred rendering, per-pixel and geometric shading.

  • Visual Realism
    • Natural effects for object rendering, iterative ray tracing, radiosity, plenoptic function, Perlin noise, lighting & shadow, materials effect, BRDF, volumes and photons, fire and water, fog, smoke modeling etc.

  • Image/Video based rendering
    • Video mosaic synthesis, video resizing and stabilization, Novel view Synthesis; Photosynth, retargeting, 3D cut and paste.

  • Animation and capture
    • Motion Control, Orientation Parameterization, Quaternions, Animating Articulated Structures, Inverse Kinematics, hard and soft constraints, implicit surfaces; Stylized rendering and illusion, facial animation, appearance capture.

  • Visual saliency and perceptual attractiveness
    • Perception-Oriented and Non-Photorealistic Rendering, human perception of saliency on object surfaces, relief mapping of textures.


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ACM Transactions on Graphics.


Schedule for the July-November 2012 Semester

The end sem will be conducted on 23rd November 2012 from 3pm to 5pm at CS27.

The final demo will be on 27th November 2012 at VPLab from 11am onwards.