IBM Best Ph.D Thesis Award for the Best PhD Thesis in Dept of CSE, IITM

Best doctoral dissertation award recognizes best theses works for which viva-voce was conducted during the academic year at the department of CSE, IIT Madras. The award will carry a cash prize of Rs. 10000. Nominations received by the deadline were considered by a committee appointed by the head of the department. The first edition of this award was in 2016, this award was titled "Best Doctoral Dissertation Award" for thesis defended during the academic year Jun 2015- May 2016. Since 2017, the award money was sponsored by IBM and is named after them.

Selection Process: Nominations recevied by the deadline will be considered by a specially appointed by the committee and the winning theses will be announced. All thesis that were defended at the CSE department during the corresponding academic year (Jun 1 - May 31) are eligible for nomination.

Nomination Process: The nomination has to be done by the guide. The nomination package includes :
  • E-copy of thesis.
  • Scan copy of reports of examiners of thesis.
  • E-copy of publications from the thesis.
  • E-copy of letter of nomination with justification for nomination.
Nominations are due by 5pm on 15th June at the HoD's office each year for being considered by that year's committee.

Members from CSE Dept who won IBM Best Ph.D Thesis Award for the Best PhD Thesis in Dept of CSE, IITM

  • 2022 : Preksha Nema.
  • 2021 : Ujjal Kr Dutta.
    for his thesis titled Embedding Learning and Metric Learning with Limited Supervision (semi-supervised and unsupervised). guided by Prof. C. Chandra Sekhar
  • 2020 : Jithin Vachery, Manas Thakur, Monosij Maitra.
    • Jithin Vachery (CS14D008) Scalable and Adaptive Querying on Large Networks (Guides: Dr.Sayan Ranu and Dr.B.Ravindran)
    • Manas Thakur (CS13D023) Precise and Efficient Analysis of Java Programs (Guide: Dr.Venkata Krishna Nandivada)
    • Monosij Maitra (CS15D010) Fine-Grained Encryption for Uniform Models of Computation (Guide: Dr.Shweta Agrawal)
  • 2019 : Ramya C.
    For her thesis titled Lower Bounds for Multilinear Circuit Models and Linear Projections of the Vandermonde Polynomial (Guide : B.V.Raghavendra Rao)
  • 2018 : Sajin Koroth, Raghavendra.
    For Sajin Koroth's thesis titled "=Non-monotonicity, Projective Dimension and Circuit Depth and Size Lower Bounds (Guide : Jayalal Sarma).
  • 2017 : C S Ganesh.
    For his thesis titled "Design and Analysis of Optical Networking Based Data Center Network Architectures" (Guide : Krishna Sivalingam).
  • 2016 : Balagopal Komarath.
    For his thesis titled "New Circuit Lower and Upper Bounds via Combinatorial Arguments" (Guide : Jayalal Sarma).

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