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Recent Publications
  • Slice admission control using overbooking for enhancing provider revenue in 5G Networks.  
           Shivani Saxena , Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam
          Appeared in 2022 IEEE/IFIP Network Operations and Management Symposium, NOMS 2022, Budapest, Hungary, April 25-29, 2022, pp.1-7, Apr 2022
  • Efficient failure recovery techniques for segment-routed networks.  
           Anix Anbiah , Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam
          Appeared in Comput. Commun., Vol 182, pp.1-12, Jan 2022
  • A minimal resource high-speed routing lookup mechanism for servers with NetFPGAs.  
           Ganesh Chennimala Sankaran , Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam
          Appeared in Trans. Emerg. Telecommun. Technol., Vol 33, Jan 2022
  • Delegated Anonymous Credentials With Revocation Capability for IoT Service Chains (DANCIS).  
           Sandeep Kiran Pinjala , S. Sree Vivek , Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam
          Appeared in IEEE Internet Things J., Vol 9, pp.3729-3742, Jan 2022
  • Analysis of Conversational Speech with Application to Voice Adaptation.  
           Bhagyashree Mukherjeee , Anusha Prakash , Hema A. Murthy
          Appeared in IEEE Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding Workshop, ASRU 2021, Cartagena, Colombia, December 13-17, 2021, pp.765-772, Dec 2021

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