IITM Crypto Reading Group

Welcome to the IITM Crypto Reading Group page. It's organized by Anshu and Fabrice, if you are willing to give a wonderful presentation feel free to contact us (cse aliases: anshu & fmouhart).

The next presentations are:

They are likely to happen at BSB 361, Alan Turing Hall, otherwise, it is precised. The usual weekly date and time are Monday at 2PM.

The archive is available here

Recent Talks

Offline witness encryption from witness PRF and randomized encoding

In this talk, we show few applications of witness PRF and a (single relation) witness PRF construction from a puncturable pseudorandom...


Algorand is a new cryptocurrency system that can confirm transactions with latency on the order of a minute while scaling to many users.

Unique Witness Maps and Deterministic Leakage and Tamper Resilient Signatures

We introduce a new primitive, which we call a Unique Witness Map (UWM). A UWM deterministically maps all possible witnesses for an NP...

NIZK from standard lattice assumptions

Presentations of the recent advances in NIZK from lattice assumptions. Will be based on 2 papers from STOC and Crypto 2019.