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Assistant Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Madras
Chennai - 600 036

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(1) Natural Language Generation: Developing architectures based on the neural encode-attend-decode paradigm for generating query specific document summaries, generating descriptions from structured data, generating questions from knowledge graphs and unstructured documents.

(2) Conversation Systems: Building systems which can learn to converse from background knowledge available in domain-specific structured and unstructured resources.

(3) Question Answering: Building datasets (and systems) which require complex reasoning over multiple sentences in a document or multiple tuples in a knowledge graph.

(4) Multimodal Processing: Learning joint representation for entities across modalities. For example, learning a common representation for images and their captions. One of the goals is to use such joint representations for downstream applications such as multimodal conversations which involves conversing about a dynamic set of images

(5) (a little bit of) Computer Vision: Building compact models for image processing and video processing

Mitesh M. Khapra is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Madras. While at IIT Madras he plans to pursue his interests in the areas of Deep Learning, Multimodal Multilingual Processing, Dialog systems and Question Answering. Prior to that he worked as a Researcher at IBM Research India. During the four and half years that he spent at IBM he worked on several interesting problems in the areas of Statistical Machine Translation, Cross Language Learning, Multimodal Learning, Argument Mining and Deep Learning. This work led to publications in top conferences in the areas of Computational Linguistics and Machine Learning. Prior to IBM, he completed his PhD and M.Tech from IIT Bombay in Jan 2012 and July 2008 respectively. His PhD thesis dealt with the important problem of reusing resources for multilingual computation. During his PhD he was a recipient of the IBM PhD Fellowship and the Microsoft Rising Star Award. He is also a recipient of the Google Faculty Research Award, 2018. Google Faculty Research Award, 2018
Microsoft Rising Star Award, 2011
IBM PhD Fellowship, 2011-2012
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