Research Interests


My current research interests are in the broad area of information management. Specifically, I have been working in the area of storage, indexing and querying semi-structured data for the past few years. Exploring various alternative storage and indexing schemes for XML data and devising efficient evaluation algorithms for XPATH have been engaging my group's attention for the last few years. I also have been exploring the world of ontologies in order to devise solutions based on ontologies for information integration, system interoperability and improving keyword search on domain-specific documents. A recent interest is on text processing, particularly text summarization systems. I have previously worked in the following areas: Data Warehousing, Associative Rule Mining, Parallel Computing and Graph Algorithms.


Teaching Interests


Over the past several years at the Department of Computer Science and Engineering of Indian Institute of Technology Madras, I have taught the following undergraduate (UG) and postgraduate (PG) courses

Discrete Mathematical Structures for Computer Science (UG)

Formal Languages and Automata Theory (UG)

Programming and Data Structures (UG)

Database Systems (UG)

Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (PG)

Introduction to Computer Programming (UG)

Paradigms of Programming (UG)

Advances in Database Technology (PG)

Data Mining (PG) [along with colleague Dr Ravindran B]

P Sreenivasa Kumar