Ph D Guidance

The following Ph D theses have been supervised by me over the past several years:


1. M Abdul Nizar, Representation and Evaluation of XAPTH Queries with Ordered Axes, Thesis submitted, November 2010.

2. K R Parthasarathy, (external scholar from ISRO HQ, Bangalore), PhD work on Domain Ontology for Organizational Document Repositories, started in July 2007.

3. S Baskaran, Ph D work on Efficiency Issues in ETL flows for Data warehousing, started in July 2009.

4. S S Uma Sankari, (external scholar from ISRO VSSC, Trivandrum), PhD work on Mining the Satellite Launch Vehicle Data, started in July 2009.

5. Sangeetha, Ph D work on Semantic Data Management, started in July 2010.



1. Efficient Query-specific Summarization of Text Documents, Ph D Thesis, C Ravindranath Chowdary, July 2009, Dept. of Computer Science and Engg., I I T Madras.

2. Customized Content Delivery Through XML Message Brokering, Ph D Thesis, R Gururaj, July 2008, Dept. of Computer Science and Engg., I I T Madras.

3. Realizing the Semantic Web using XML and OWL ontologies, Ph D Thesis, Sujatha R Upadhyaya, July 2007, Dept. of Computer Science and Engg., I I T Madras. (Abstract)

4. Wavelength Converters in Wavelength Routed All-Optical Computer Networks, Ph D Thesis, K R Venugopal, July 2000, Dept. of Computer Science and Engg., I I T Madras.


M S (Master's by Thesis) Guidance

The following M S theses have been supervised by me over the past several years.


1. G Sairam, M S work on Efficient index maintenance algorithms for IR systems, started in January 2007. Thesis submitted in October 2010.

2. Nitin Kumar, M S work on ETL flows - representation and evaluation, started in January 2008.

3. B R Kuldeep Reddy, M S work on Querying of RDF data, started in July 2008.

4. Kunal Mulay, M S Work on Text Mining, started in Jan 2010.

5. Jyothi Kumar, M S Work on Data warehousing and ETL flows, started in Jan 2010.



1. M Sravanthi, A Query Specific Text Summarization System (QueSTS) and its Application for Slides Generation, M S Thesis, July 2009. (Abstract)

2. O V Ravi Kumar, Pre-order Sequences for Efficient Indexing and Querying of XML Data, M S Thesis, July 2009. (Abstract)

3. Managing XML data with evolving DTD's, M S thesis, by B V N Prashanth, July 2008. (Abstract)

4. Using Ontologies for information retrieval, M S Thesis, by R Sandhya, July 2008. (Abstract)

5. Extended join algorithms and path based approach for XPATH evaluation, M S thesis, by M Archana, March 2006. (Abstract)

6. Indexing and querying of XML data using modified Prufer sequences, M S thesis, by K Hima Prasad, July 2006. (Abstract)

7. Efficient binary structural join algorithms on XML data, M S Thesis, by G V Subramanyam, July 2005. (Abstract)

8. Dynamic Object Typing and Binding for XML, M S Thesis, by Paul P Mathew, July 2005.

9. A query engine for XML document repositories, M S Thesis, by P C Karthik, November 2003.

10. Semantic Caching for XML Query Systems, M S Thesis, by K Ravichandran, July 2003.

11. An XML based Subscription System using Query Rewriting, M S Thesis, by B Ravindar Reddy, May 2003.

12. Mapping Rules: A New Approach for XML Data Translation and Data Integration, M S Thesis, by M Sudharshana, July 2002.

13. Data Cube: Efficient Computation and Selection of Views for Materialization, M S Thesis, by M Madhava Krishna, July 2001.

14. Algorithms for Association Rule Mining without Pruning, M S Thesis, by M Arul Arasu, July 2001.

15. Lightpath Routing in WDM All-optical Networks, M S Thesis, by M S Shiva Kumar, July 2000.

16. New Algorithmic Results on Strongly Chordal Graphs, M S Thesis, by N Kalyana Rama Prasad, July 1997.

P Sreenivasa Kumar