C. Pandu Rangan


Ph.D., IISc, Bangalore, 1984
M.Sc., University of Madras, 1977
B.Sc., University of Madras, 1975

Research Focus: Algorithms

I focus my research in the design of pragmatic algorithms. Problems of practical interest in Graph Theory, Combinatorics and Computational Geometry often turn out to be NP-complete or very hard to solve that we have to look for pragmatic alternatives for them. We explore the avenues such as 1) Restricting the problem domain 2) Approximate algorithm design 3)Randomized Algorithms 4) Parallel and VLSI Algorithms and 5) Cryptography Applications. Our design strategies are neither special purpose (very specific to a problem) nor general purpose (which are too inefficient)but broad purpose ones. Thus our research efforts can be summarised in a single term - Application Oriented Paradigm Design (AOPD) (one more acronym to the world of Computer Science!). In Cryptology my current focus is on Secure message transmission and Provable security of cryptographic protocols / primitives.

Selected Publications

  1. G.Srikrishna, C.PANDU RANGAN, Optimal Parallel Algorithms for Path Problems on Planar Graphs, Theoretical Computer Science, Vol.145, pp 27 - 43, (1995).
  2. K. Madhukar, D. Pavan Kumar, C. PANDU RANGAN, R. Sundar, Systematic Design of an Algorithm for Biconnected Components. Science of Programming., Vol. 25, pp. 63 - 77, (1995).
  3. K.S.Earwarakumar, S.V.Krishnan, C.PANDU RANGAN, S.Seshadri, Optimal Parallel algo- rithm for finding st- ambitus of a Planar Biconnected Graphs, Algorithmica, (1996).
  4. G.Venkatesan, U.Rotics, M.S.Madan Lal, J.A.Makovsky, C.Pandu Rangan, Restrictions of Minimum Spanners Problem, Information and Computation, Vol. 136, pp. 143 - 164, (1997).
  5. A.Arvind, C. Pandu Rangan, Symmetric Min-Max heap: A simpler data structure for double-ended priority queue, Information Processing Letters, Vol. 68, pp. 197-199, (1999).
  6. M.V.N. Ashwin Kumar, Pranava.R. Goundan, K. Srinathan and C. PANDU RANGAN, On Perfectly Secure Communication over Arbitrary Networks, Proceedings of the 21st Annual ACM Symposium on Principles of Distributed Computing (PODC 2002), pp. 193-202, 2002.

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