NSM Online Course

OpenMP Programming

October 21 -- November 25, 2023

NSM Nodal Centre for Training in HPC and AI is organizing an online course on OpenMP Programming. The course is taught via live online lectures, and doubt sessions. The topics are listed below.


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Note: In the form, mention your name accurately. That is how it would be mentioned on your e-certificate. Double-check your email id. We will not be able to contact you if your email id is wrong.


The event is scheduled online. E-meeting details will be mailed to the registered participants two days before the course begins. Each talk is for 1.5 hour duration including Q&A.


Each talk is of 90 minutes duration.
1October 2117:00Introduction
2October 2217:00Hello World and OpenMP Runtime Libraries
3October 2817:00Scope and Error Checking
4October 2917:00Data Race and Critical Section
5November 417:00Atomics, Reduction, and Parallel For Construct
6November 517:00Variable Scoping -- private, shared, and default clauses
7November 1117:00Variable Scoping -- Firstprivate, Lastprivate and Threadprivate Clauses
8November 1817:00Working with Loops -- Schedule Clause
9November 1917:00Applications: Matrix Addition, Multiplication, and Convolution
10November 2517:00Exam (online, one hour, MCQ)


A course completion e-certificate will be issued to all the registered participants who attend at least 8 of the 9 classes live and write the exam. The exam score will not be considered for certification.

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Jash Khatri
Software Engineer at Microsoft


We gratefully acknowledge the logistics support from Prof. Karthik Raman and his team at the International Conference Secretariat at the Office of Global Engagement, IIT Madras in smooth conduct of this course.