• This is a 2-credit course aimed at teaching 2nd year MTech students to make research presentations.
  • Each student has to choose a paper / topic related to Computer Science and Engineering. It need not be related to the M.Tech project. Some suggestions are
    • A detailed literature review of a specific research problem. This can include: background related to the problem, categorization of approaches, specific approaches, etc.
    • One selected journal/TOP-tier conference paper published by others (e.g. ACM SIGMOD, ACM SIG-COMM, ACM PODC, ACM TALG, ACM TOPLAS etc.)
    • A research problem with well-identified solution and partial results, based on your own work. The student MUST inform their respective faculty advisor of their selected paper/topic by Aug. 31, 2017.(by uploading the selected paper/topic on Moodle).
    Two students will not be allowed to present on the same topic/paper.
  • Each student is allotted EXACTLY 15 minutes for presentation; and 5 minutes for Q&A. Marks will be given based on content, organization, clarity of delivery and ability to answer questions.
  • All slides including diagrams should be prepared by the student. Any cut-and-paste of content/diagrams will result in the U grade. The course will have to be repeated in subsequent offering.
  • At the end of the presentation, presenters will give a short quiz for 10 minutes based on their talk. The audience will need to take this quiz and would be graded for it.
  • Students attending each seminar may be asked to fill out an evaluation/comments sheet that will be handed over to the presenter.
  • 85% Minimum attendance rule will be applied; W will be granted for those who fail to attend adequate seminar sessions and the course will have to be repeated in subsequent year.
  • In addition each student is expected to attend at least 3 departmental seminars. Departmental seminars give you a chance to listen to eminent researchers visiting our department. Watch out for seminar announcements (from seminar@cse.iitm.ac.in) and plan to attend any 3 talks that are most interesting to you. Attendance at these seminars is mandatory and will be counted towards attendance for the course.
  • Guidelines/Suggestions on how to prepare a good talk will be made available on Moodle. The final PDF of the presentation must be submitted to Moodle, 24 hrs before your allotted time. Failing to do so will result in a 25% reduction in the seminar grade.


Chester Rebeiro


Presentations will be held during Sep-Nov 2017. The detailed schedule will be posted on Moodle.


  • TBD