Devi Ganesan

My Research Interests

Case-Based Reasoning (CBR)

CBR traces its roots to Roger Schank's model of dynamic memory. Originally inspired by the human way of problem-solving, the general idea in CBR is that we can store and retrieve past experiences to solve new query problems. For example, a chef is able to modify a known recipe based on the available ingredients and cook a new dish. I am more interested in the cognitive aspects of CBR systems. In particular, I am working on the quantification of knowledge tradeoffs between the different knowledge containers in a CBR system.

Fuzzy Cognitive Map (FCM)

Fuzzy Cognitive Map, introduced by Bart Kosko, is a quick and easy way of obtaining domain knowledge from experts. Qualitative information like "as X increases, Y decreases" are easy to represent in a FCM. I am currently looking into ways of integrating FCMs with CBR systems.

Constrained Optimization

Literature in Cognitive Science supports the hypothesis that learning process in children is aided by some kind of constraints. To understand the effect of constraints on generalization, consider the task of categorizing objects. Let the learner possess information of those features that are important for object categorization and those that can be ignored. Now, even if the learner is presented with only one example of a novel category, it might still be able to make correct prediction on new instances of the novel category by making use of the prior domain information. Motivated by this observation, I am exploring the use of knowledge-based constraints to improve accuracy of document classification.

Physics in Cognition

What makes information different from matter? How do the physical and chemical processes happening within our brain get converted into information processing? Can we use laws of Physics to explain human cognition? Such questions may have far-reaching impacts in the field of Cognition, but I am doing nothing more than wondering at these mysteries :D

Grants and Scholarships

Recipient of Microsoft Research India Travel Grant, 2016

Recipient of AAAI Student Scholarship, 2016