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Research Areas: Speech Processing, Speech Synthesis and Recognition, Network traffic analysis and modeling, Music information retrieval, Music Processing, Time series modeling, and Pattern Recognition

Ph.D., Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras, 1992
M.Eng, Electrical and Computer Engineering, McMaster University,Canada, 1986
B.E., Electronics and Communcation Engineering, Osmania University, 1980
Associated Labs:
DONlab: Communications Systems and Indic Computing
Courses (Teaching Currently/next Semester): Courses (that I have Taught Before): Research Scholars (current): Research Scholars (completed):
  • M R Srikanth, "Speaker verification and keyword spotting for forensic applications," PhD Thesis, submitted, 2013.
  • Ashwin Bellur, "Automatic identification of tonic in Indian classical music," MS Thesis, submitted, 2013.
  • Chaitanya Kumar, "Information theoretic measures to incorporate multiple feature streams in the linguistic search space for automatic speech recognition,'' MS Thesis, 2013 (Co-guide: Prof. C Chandra Sekhar).
  • Subhadeep Dey, "Universal syllable models for language identification," MS Thesis, IIT Madras, 2013.
  • Santosh Kumar Chaudhari, "Green IT: Energy efficient techniques for network management for core networks and data centers," MS Thesis, IIT Madras, 2013.
  • Cyriac James, "Relevance of time series in network traffic modeling: In the context of TCP SYN DOS attacks," M S Thesis, IIT Madras, 2012.
  • R Padmanabhan, "Studies on voice activity detection and feature diversity for Speaker Recognition," Ph.D Thesis, IIT Madras, 2012.
  • Rajesh Janakiraman, "Syllable Segmentation and its Application to Syllable-centric Continuous Speech Recognition," M.S Thesis, IIT Madras, 2012 (Co-guide: Prof. C Chandra Sekhar).
  • S Ranbir Singh "On the significance of crawling, clustering and real-time implicit feedback in web search engines," (Co-guide: T A Gonsalves) Phd Thesis, 2010.
  • Nikhil Ranjan "GARCH Models for TCP Based Denial of Service," (co-guide: T A Gonsalves) M S Thesis, 2010.
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  • P G Deivapalan, "A Segmented Syllable-based, Isolated Word Recognizer for Indian Languages," M S Thesis, 2009.
  • Pranav Hamnabhadkar, "Pattern Recognition and Synthesis of Materials Microstructures," (Co-guide: Dr. K Balasubramanian, Director, NFTDC, Hyderabad) MS Thesis, 2009.
  • Sreenivasulu Nagireddy, "A Pattern Recognition Approach to Block Cipher Identification,"(Co-guide: Dr. C Chandra Sekhar, Dept. of CS\&E), MS Thesis, 2009.
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  • S Vela, "A New Model of Speaker Identification based on Statistical Similarity and an Object Oriented Framework for Online Speaker Identification," M.S.Thesis, IIT Madras, 1999.
  • J Srichand, "Word Boundary Detection in Indian Languages and its Application to Keyword Spotting," M.S.Thesis, IIT Madras, 1999 (Co-guide:Dr.G.V.Ramana Rao).
  • M Narendranath, "Transformation of Vocal Tract Characteristics for Voice Conversion using Artificial Neural Networks," M.S. Thesis, IIT Madras, 1995 (Co-Guide: Prof.B.Yegnanarayana, Dept. of CS&E).
  • Contact Information:
    BSB 307
    Department of Computer Science and Engineering
    Indian Institute of Technology Madras
    Chennai - 600 036
    Ph: +91-44-2257 4364
    Fax: +91-44-2257 4352
    E-mail: hema AT cse DOT iitm DOT ac DOT in

  • Research Interests: Speech processing, recognition synthesis, computer networks, music processing.
  • Social Interests: School education , Science popularisation , Communal harmony, global warming, women empowerment
  • Membership: IEEE Society, Indian scientists against nuclear weapons, Movement for Peace and Unity, Tamilnadu science forum, Prakriti (a group at IITM that is concerned about the environment).
  • Publications (Recent):
  • Padi Sarala and Hema A Murthy, ``Cent filter banks and its relevance to identifying the main song in Carnatic music,'' accepted CMMR 2013.
  • Vignesh Ishwar, Shrey Dutta, Ashwin Bellur and Hema A Murthy, ``Motif spotting in an Alapana in Carnatic music,'' accepted ISMIR 2013.
  • Padi Sarala and Hema A Murthy, ``Inter and intra segmentation of Carnatic music recordings for archival,'' accepted ISMIR 2013.
  • B. Ramani, S.Lilly Christina, G Anushiya Rachel, V Sherlin Solomi, Mahesh Kumar Nandwana, Anusha Prakash, Aswin Shanmugam S, Raghava Krishnan S P Kishore, K Samudravijaya, P Vijayalakshmi, T Nagarajan and Hema A Murthy,``A Common Attribute based Unified HTS framework for Speech Synthesis in Indian Languages,'' accepted SSW8, 2013.
  • Abhijit Pradhan, S Aswin Shanmugham, Anusha Prakash, V Kamakoti and Hema A Murthy, ``A syllable-based statistical text to speech system,'' accepted EUSIPCO, 2013.
  • Ashwin Bellur and Hema A Murthy, ``A novel application of group delay function for identifying tonic in Carnatic Music,'' accepted EUSIPCO , 2013.
  • Golda Brunet and Hema A Murthy, ``Analysis of vowel deletion in continuous speech,'' accepted EUSIPCO , 2013.
  • Rajeev Rajan and Hema A Murthy, "Group delay based melody monopitch extraction from music," ICASSP 2013, Vancouver, Canada, May-2013.
  • Akshay Ananthapadmanabhan, Ashwin Bellur and Hema A Murthy, "Modal analysis and transcription of strokes of the mridangam using non-negative matrix factorisation," ICASSP 2013, Vancouver,Canada, May-2013.
  • Rajeev Rajan and Hema A Murthy, "Melodic pitch extraction from music signals using modified group delay functions," Communications (NCC), 2013 National Conference on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/NCC.2013.6487986 Year: 2013.
  • Ashwin Bellur and Hema A Murthy, "A cepstrum based approach for identifying tonic pitch in Indian classical music," Communications (NCC), 2013 National Conference on Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/NCC.2013.6487983 Publication Year: 2013.
  • Srikanth Madikeri, Asha T and H A Murthy, "IIT-M Speaker Recognition System for NIST SRE 2012," Florida, USA, December 2012.
  • S.Y.Sait, M.S.Kumar, H.A.Murthy, “User Traffic Classification for Proxy-Server based Internet Access Control”, IEEE 6th International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems Gold Coast, Australia, December 2012.
  • Cyriac James and Hema A Murthy, ``Decoupling Non-Stationary and Stationary Components in Long Range Network Time Series in the Context of Anomaly Detection,'' IEEE Local Computer Networks (Oct 2012)
  • Srikanth R. Madikeri, Hema A. Murthy, ``Acoustic Segmentation Using Group Delay Functions and Its Relevance To Spoken Keyword Spotting'', TSD 2012.
  • Subhadeep Dey and Hema A Murthy, `` Unsupervised Clustering of Syllables for Language Identification,'' EUSIPCO-2012 , Romania, pp. 325-329.
  • Awards:
  • Indian Language text-to-speech synthesis systems integrated with screen readers, GE innovation award and first prize in research expo, Shaastraa 2013.
  • Prof. Rais Ahmed Memorial Lecture Award, Acoustical Society of India, 2012.
  • Text to speech synthesis in Indian Languages, Manthan Award Finalist (top 74 out ~450 projects), 2012.
  • IBM Faculty award, 2006.
  • Projects:
  • Text to speech synthesis systems in Indian languages -- Consortium leader
  • Discovery of Carnatic Music -- CompMusic Project (
  • Speaker Verification
  • Indo UK Advanced Technology Collaboration -- Network Resilience
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