This page will list down the course activities in addition to the lectures.

Problem Sets (7 x 5% = 35%):
  • There will be seven problem sets. They will be posted (at the course emailing list) with the following timeline (roughly one in two weeks, and each problem set will require about 3-4 hours of work over the span of 10 days given to submit it).
  • Timeline : For each problem set, there are 4 kinds of dates (two for students and two for instructor/TAs)
    • Deadline for posting problem set : this applies to the instructor.
      Update on Sep 23, 2016 : From now onwards, the problem sets will be posted in an incremental way from now on. That is, for every two lectures, one problem will be posted. And the ones posted upto 4 days before the submission deadline are included in that problem set.
    • Soft deadline for submission : This applies for the students. The problem set will be set with this deadline as target.
      Update on Sep 23, 2016 : From now onwards, there will be no soft deadlines. Hard deadlines are strict.
    • Hard deadline for submission : The real final deadline for submission. This gives 24 hours extra compared to soft-deadline without any penalty. Under any circumstances, submission will not be accepted after the hard deadline.
    • Evaluation deadline : The date by which the evaluated submission will be returned to the students. The discussion session will also be scheduled at 5pm on this date. Note that the evaluation deadline is valid only for the submissions (or even parts of submissions) done before the soft deadline.

    Post    Submission  


    PS01 : Aug 11Aug 17Aug 18Aug 19
    PS02 : Aug 23Sep 01Sep 02Sep 02
    PS03 : Sep 09Sep 19Sep 20Sep 20
    PS04 : --Oct 04Oct 07
    PS05 : --Oct 13Oct 14
    PS06 : --Oct 27Oct 28
    PS07 : --Nov 08Nov 11

    All deadlines are at 5pm IST on the respective dates.

  • All regular evaluation procedures for this course (except the endsemester exam) will be complete by Nov 11, 2016, 5pm. The data until then will be emailed to the student prior to the end-semester examination.

Exams (65%):
  • Quiz 1 (15%) : Sep 13, 8am-8:50am
  • Quiz 2 (20%) : Oct 17, 8am-8:50am
  • End-sem Exam (30%): Nov 15, 9am - 12pm