This page will list down the course activities in addition to the lectures.

Problem Sets (6 x (7 %) = 42%): Following are the submission deadlines for the problem sets. The problems sets will be posted in an incremental fashion. That is, the dropbox file will be updated after the class covers the relevant lectures. It is expected that the problem set questions are worked on as and when they are released so that the lecture material is also practiced/applied right away.

Note: All deadlines are set to Mondays 10pm (to be submitted online in course moodle at the link given). The last problem in a problem set will be added on or before the previous Tuesday, 10pm.

  • Problem Set 1 : Feb 04, 2019 (submit here)
  • Problem Set 2 : Feb 18, 2019 (submit here)
  • Problem Set 3 : Mar 04, 2019 (submit here)
  • Problem Set 4 : Mar 18, 2019 (submit here)
  • Problem Set 5 : Apr 01, 2019 (submit here)
  • Problem Set 6 : Apr 15, 2017 (submit here)

Course Project (28%): The course project is designed to encourage you to (1) read and explore on your own a material that is closely related to the ideas done in class (2) use the expertise that you have gained in the area of complexity theory over the past two courses in order to explore a specific set of research papers and associated research questions. The expected outcome of this process is a survey of the research paper(s) assigned in the topic and a presentation of the same. It is not expected (and hence not a part of the grading of the course) that you find/prove something new. But of course, new results are always welcome and, you will always be encouraged to pursue the research thread independently after the course later. We will send out a set of topics, in the lectures section of the course page. Here are the ground rules.
  • Topics : Each of you should select one topic each. The schedule for presentation of the topics is fixed along with the topic. They are chosen based on the dates of the lectures covering the required pre-requisites.
  • Duration : The full listing of project topics and presenters list will be announced by Mar 30, 2019. The interim meetings will be scheduled during the first week of April 2019. The final presentations and evaluations will be scheduled by the end of April.
  • Reading : Here is some advice on reading research papers. Pay attention to the three pass approach. By the time you are done with 1.5 passes, you are ready for the interim meeting.
  • Interim Discussion/Evaluated Meeting (5%) : There will be an interim individual discussion at about 1/3rd way mark (based on the duration). By that time you are expected to have an overview of the work and the different technical components clarified, although may not be to the full technical details. This might also be a good time to seek any help from the instructor if needed. This interaction will also be evaluated although with low weightage.
  • Work & Presentations (15%) : Each participant will present the project work in a one hour slot. The whole class is expected to attend all the presentations and the slides(if any) and report will be made available to the class.
  • Report (8%) : You will be asked to submit a 8-page report of your survey. The exact format of the report will be sent out to you later. The reports will be made public at the course website.

Exams + Viva :
  • Midsem Exam (15%) : Mar 9, 2018 - Saturday 10am - 11:30am.
  • Endsem Exam (15%) : Apr 29, 2018 - Monday 8am - 9:30am
    Viva : Apr 29, 2019 - Monday 9:30am - 1pm, 1:30pm - 6:30pm. (25 minutes per student - there will be two sets of questions one based on the instructor's choice and one based on the student's choice).