This page will list down the course activities in addition to the lectures.

Problem Sets :

Scribing: Each student will need to scribe for at-least 1 lecture in each stream. This is more of a formative but compulsory assignment and will amount to 20% of the grades. The notes submitted will be edited and made available on the course webpage for reference.

Presentation: Here are the ground rules.

  • Forming Groups : This reading project is a group-assignment. You form groups of exactly two each (single member group is not allowed). Your group-mate will be the scribe (which will be evaluated for him/her as a part of the report) for your talk. You can help each other to polish the drafts and submit it before April 30. This deadline is strict because the viva is on May 1, and the grades are due in a few days from then.
  • Topics & Presentations : Each group will select one topic from each theme. Some topics have been pre-assigned based on research directions. Each group chooses a day for the presentation (the current assignment is tentative). A day before the presentation, an pseudo-random bit (that fools the class CS6845) will be chosen to decide which of the group members present which topic. Thus, both the team members will have to work (better together) on both the topics and be ready for both.

Endsem Exam+Viva: We will have an endsem exam for this course, and the instructors will meet each candidate for a "short interview" after the examination.