This page will list down the course activities in addition to the lectures.

Problem Sets (5 x 7% = 35%):
  • There will be six problem sets, of which best five will be taken. They will be posted (at the course WA group and moodle) with the following timeline (roughly one in two weeks, and each problem set will require about four hours of work over the span of 10 days given to submit it).
  • Timeline: For each problem set, there are two deadlines associated with it. One for the students and one for the instructor. The problem sets will be posted in an incremental way. That is, for every two lectures, one problem will be posted. And the ones posted upto 5 days before the submission deadline are included in that problem set. (end end-dates will be marked by uploading the pdf on that date on to moodle).
  • Evaluation deadline : The date by which the evaluated submission will be returned to the students.

Typically,the submission deadlines are Mondays, solution discussions happen on tuesdays and evaluation deadlines are Fridays.
#PS Submission Eval
PS01 : Aug 20 Aug 25
PS02 : Sep 10 Sep 15
PS03 : Sep 24 Sep 29
PS04 : Oct 22 Oct 27
PS05 : Nov 05 Nov 10
PS06 : Nov 12 TBA

All deadlines are at 10pm IST on Sundays. There is a provision to submit until Monday 10pm with a penalty multiplier of 0.9 on the score. Afterwards, until the Friday before discussion session, students who submit will get a multiplier of 0.5. The discussions sessions on the problem sets will be done on the respective Fridays at 3:30pm. The students who might miss these due to scheduling conflict can approach the TAs/instructor by appointment for discussions. Problem set submissions after the discussion slot, will not be considered for evaluation. However, feedback will still be given for such submissions. The submissions that are made after Monday 10pm deadline, are not guaranteed to be evaluated by the evaluation deadline specified for the problem set.

  • All regular evaluation procedures for this course (except the end-semester exam and the last optional problem set) will be complete by Nov 10, 2023, 5pm. The data until then will be emailed to the student prior to the end-semester examination. The endsem evaluation will be available to the students on November 24, 2023.

  • The remaining activities of the course are : Exams (65%):
    • Quiz 1 (15%) : Mon, Aug 28, 8am-8:50am
    • Quiz 2 (20%) : Mon, Oct 09, 8am-8:50am
    • End-sem Exam (30%): Tue, Nov 14, 9am - 12pm