Basic Information

This page will list down some really static information about the course. Changes to this page will be made only very very rarely and will be discussed and informed to the class (if done).

About the course : This course aims to introduce the theory and applications of the area called "Communication Complexity". It will expose the students to the upper bound and lower bound arguments for deterministic and randomized communication complexity. A substantial portion of the course will also be devoted to learning some of the applications of the ideas and lower bounds communication complexity in various algorithmic and engineering contexts.

Syllabus : Administratively, this is an instance of the course titled "Topics in Complexity Theory". For this offering, the syllabus will be as follows :

Will update soon.

It is being offered in the self-study mode for the undergraduate students. This means that the only B.Tech and B.Tech(DD) students can credit this course. However, if M.Tech students are interested in theoretical areas like are very much welcome to audit and attend the course meetings.

Pre-requisites : The pre-requisites expected in the course are basics taught in the following courses.
  • Discrete Mathematics (CS2100)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms (CS2800)
  • Languages Machines and Computation (CS2200)