IMSuite: IIT Madras Benchmark Suite for Simulating
Distributed Algorithms

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Input Generators

IMSuite includes a problem specific input generator for twelve classical distributed algorithms. The presence of such an input generator allows creation of input sets necessary for each benchmark kernel. These input generators write the desired input to a file and these files then act as the input to the kernels.

Each input generator permits a set of options which can be passed during the runtime. In case an option is not used, the default value is used. Some of the options available with various generators are: Options specific to an input generator are stated as comments inside each input generator code.
The Input Generators can be downloaded here.
Details regarding generation of an input is present here.

Input Sets

The IMSuite distribution currently consists of input sets with seven different sizes, ranging from 8 to 512 in multiples of two. These sizes refer to the number of nodes in a network. Larger input sets can also be generated. The default seed is set to 101.

To download individual input sets (generated with default seed) click on the appropriate Input Size:-   8    16    32    64    128    256    512 . The collective input sets are available here.
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