International Journals & Conferences

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  1. Co-Inventor of IPR titled “Group Anonymous Dynamic Slice Enabled 5G Softwarized Systems with Privacy Preserving Service Access” at IIT-Madras. IPR filed with Indian Patent Office with priority claim made on 26th October 2018.

Reviewer Contributions

  1. Technical Program Committee member – ISEA-ISAP 2020 - Third ISEA International Conference on Security and Privacy 2020.
  2. Shadow PC – ACM Internet Measurement Conference 2018
  3. Reviewed on invitation, a submitted publication for the IEEE JSAC CFP SPECTRUM SHARING AND AGGREGATION FOR FUTURE WIRELESS NETWORKS


  1. Annie Marandi - M.Tech 2019-2021
  2. Mrunal Dharmraj Khandagale - M.Tech 2019-2021
  3. Panga Lahari - B.Tech 2016-2021 (Co Guide : Prof. Krishna Sivalingam)

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