Professional Activities

Below are some professional activities I am involved in.

Organizing Workshops and Conferences.

Expository Talks and Writings.

Crypto Reading Group.

We are running a reading group, please see here (older version here). Join us!

Program Committees.

I have served or will serve on the following program committees: CCS 2023, CRYPTO 2023, Asiacrypt 2022 (Program Co-Chair), CRYPTO 2022, CCS 2022, Asiacrypt 2021, Eurocrypt 2021, Indocrypt 2020, Asiacrypt 2020, Information Theoretic Cryptography (ITC) 2020, Asiacrypt 2019, TCC 2018, CRYPTO 2018, PKC 2018, STACS 2018, ISC 2017, CRYPTO 2017, Asiacrypt 2017, Indocrypt 2017, CCS 2016, Eurocrypt 2016, SCN 2016, Indocrypt 2015, PKC 2015, ACNS 2015.

Other Professional Committees.



Information about grants

If only for my own sake, I put together some useful pointers to travel and collaboration grants that professors in India can apply for. Here is the link.