This page will list down the details of the academic activities that we plan in this course. The schedule for all meetings are available at the meetings page.

  • Problem Sheets: There will be roughly 2 problem sheets given as "hand outs" for each theme. The participants are expected to try to solve them offline and get back to the respective TAs if they need specific helps. Those who wish get feedback on their answers are also welcome to submit it to the TAs. In any case, these will not be evaluated towards the final grade. The following gives the timeline for these handouts.

  • Short Exams : Roughly, For every theme of lectures we will have one short exam session. This will be almost like an in-hall exam where a set of demonstrative problems/tasks closely related to the lectures will be given and the responses will be evaluated. This is a part of continuous assessment in the course. Note that the weightage of these towards the final score is nontrivial but relatively low. You can afford to make mistakes (and hence learn) without worsening your final score by much !.

    All the short exams happen on mondays - the lecture hour will be compensated on the same day from 2pm - 3pm as a lecture.

  • Discussion Sessions and Office hours : Due to the scheduling constraints we will be spending regular lecture hours precisely as planned. To facilitate discussion sessions for the course, we will make sure that the TAs are available for discussion at pre-declared spots so that the students can approach for discussions.
    About 30 students will be assigned to a group of two TAs, and there will be three such groups. For each group, the two TAs will take turns of 90 minutes each to cover the duration of 2pm to 5pm on Mondays. The TAs will be available at the location specified below. The students can drop in at any time during these three hours to meet the respective TA.

    Group ACS32All (CS/EE) PhD & MS Dinesh K. & Shiv Poojan Singh
    Group BMTLM.Tech (CS13M001 - 031)Ramnath J. & Ashwini Sahoo
    Group CCS27M.Tech(CS13M032 - 060)Vishal Pandya & Saurabh Verma
    *MTL = M.Tech Lab.

  • Quizzes & End-semester Exams : There will be two quizes which will be in-hall standard exams. The end-semester exam will be a standard 3 hour long exam. More details about this are available at the meetings page.

Academic Integrity Notice

Any kind of academic dishonesty will be dealt with seriously and may even cause an U grade in the course.