Problem Sets

There will be a total of 5 problem sets. These will be theoretical problems that would complement the lectures. Note that your solutions to these problems must be uploaded as a pdf file at the course Moodle page ( Tentative schedule is as follows:
  • Problem Set-1, 26 Aug - 12 Sep
  • Problem Set-2, 12 Sep - 25 Sep
  • Problem Set-3, 28 Sep - 13 Oct
  • Problem Set-4, 07 Oct -24 Oct
  • Problem Set-5, 1 Nov -13 Nov (Optional)


1 Oct, 9-10:30 am

End Sem

16 Nov , WED 14:00-17:00


Pre-Presentation Meetings-schedule
Venue: BSB354.
Hrudaya Sahoo 2-2:20, 02 Nov
Shom Abraham 2:20-2:40pm, 02 Nov
Dikesh 2:40-3:00pm, 02 Nov
Mohit Daga 11:00-11:20am, 04 Nov
Santhoshini V 11:20-11:40am, 04 Nov

Schedule for Presentations

Name Topic Date and Time
Hrudaya R Sahoo Arithmetic Circuits: A chasm at Depth Three 05 Nov, 2-3pm
Shom C Abraham Primes in in P 05 Nov, 3-4pm Apr
Dikesh C Identity Testing for depth three circuits 05 Nov 4-5pm
Mohit Daga Application of Grobner basis to integer programming. 10 Nov, 2-3pm
Santhoshini Lower bounds for depth 4 formulas computing iterated matrix multiplication. 10 Nov, 3-4pm