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Code Course Name Type Pre-req Slot Room Instructor(s) Links
CS1100 Computational Engineering Core Hema A. Murthy.
CS1200 Discrete Mathematics for Computer Science Core B. V. Raghavendra Rao.
CS2200 Languages, Machines and Computation Core Shweta Agrawal.
CS2600 Computer Organization Core Madhu Mutyam.
CS2610 Assembly Language Programming Lab Core Madhu Mutyam.
CS2800 Data Structures & Algorithms Core Meghana Nasre.
CS2810 Advanced Programming Lab Core Mitesh Khapra.
CS3205 Introduction to Computer Networks Elective Krishna Moorthy Sivalingam.
CS3660 Industrial Training Core Hema A. Murthy.
CS4800 B.Tech Project Elective Harish Guruprasad.
CS4900 Undergraduate Research in CS - I Elective CS2200, CS2800, CS2600, CS2810, CS2610 Sutanu Chakraborti.
CS4910 Undergraduate Research in CS - II Elective CS4900 Sutanu Chakraborti.
CS5691 Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Elective CS2800 Harish Guruprasad.
CS5810+ B.Tech(DD) Project - II Core Meghana Nasre.
CS6008 M.Tech Project III Core Anurag Mittal.
CS6011 Kernel Methods for Pattern Recognition Elective C. Chandra Sekhar.
CS6021 Research Methodology (CSE Module) Core Balaraman Ravindran.
CS6046 Multi-armed bandits Elective L A Prashanth.
CS6130 Advanced Graph Algorithms Elective Meghana Nasre.
CS6330 Digital System Testing and Testable Design Elective V. Kamakoti.
CS6370 Natural Language Processing Elective Sutanu Chakraborti.
CS6380 Artificial Intelligence Elective Deepak Khemani.
CS6464 Concepts in Statistical Learning Theory Elective Sukhendu Das.
CS6500 Network Security Elective CS2700, CS2710, CS3200, CS3210 Chester Rebeiro.
CS6680 Planning and Constraint Satisfaction Elective N.S. Narayanaswamy.
CS6700 Reinforcement learning Elective MA2040 Balaraman Ravindran.
CS6730 Probabilistic Graphical Models Elective Machine learning (CS4011/CS5011/CS6690/EE5177) and Probability (CS6015/MA2040/EE5110) Manikandan Narayanan.
CS6777 Optimization Methods for Computer Vision Applications Elective Sukhendu Das.
CS6840 Modern Complexity Theory Elective CS6014 Jayalal Sarma.
CS6841 Advanced Algorithms Elective N.S. Narayanaswamy.
CS6843 Program Analysis Elective Rupesh Nasre.
CS6845 Pseudorandomness Elective B. V. Raghavendra Rao.
CS6847 Cloud Computing Elective D. Janakiram.
CS6852 Theory and Applications of Ontologies Elective P. Sreenivasa Kumar.
CS6870 Digital Video Processing Elective Anurag Mittal.
CS7015 Deep Learning Elective CS5011 Mitesh Khapra.

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