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Lab(s) : PACE Lab.
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Research Interests :

Compilers, Program Analysis, Programming Languages, Fault Localization, Multicore systems.

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  • Mix your contexts well: opportunities unleashed by recent advances in scaling context-sensitivity. 
    Authors : Manas Thakur, V. Krishna Nandivada
    Appeared in CC '20: 29th International Conference on Compiler Construction, San Diego, CA, USA, February 22-23, 2020, pp.27-38, Feb 2020
  • On the fly MHP analysis. 
    Authors : Sonali Saha, V. Krishna Nandivada
    Appeared in PPoPP '20: 25th ACM SIGPLAN Symposium on Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming, San Diego, California, USA, February 22-26, 2020, pp.173-186, Feb 2020
  • Optimizing Remote Communication in X10. 
    Authors : Arun T, V. Krishna Nandivada
    Appeared in TACO, Vol 16, pp.34:1-34:26, Jan 2020
  • Batch Alias Analysis. 
    Authors : Venkata Naga Jyothi V, V. Krishna Nandivada
    Appeared in 34th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering, ASE 2019, San Diego, CA, USA, November 11-15, 2019 (ASE 2019) ,pp.936-948, Nov 2019
  • Gluon-Async: A Bulk-Asynchronous System for Distributed and Heterogeneous Graph Analytics. 
    Authors : Roshan Dathathri, Gurbinder Gill, Loc Hoang, Vishwesh Jatala, Keshav Pingali, V. Krishna Nandivada, Hoang-Vu Dang, Marc Snir
    Appeared in 28th International Conference on Parallel Architectures and Compilation Techniques, PACT 2019, Seattle, WA, USA, September 23-26, 2019 (PACT 2019) ,pp.15-28, Sep 2019

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Jan 2020 - May 2020 : - Modern Compilers - Theory and Practice (CS6013)
Jul 2019 - Nov 2019 : - Compiler Design (CS3300)
Jan 2018 - May 2018 : - Concurrent Programming (CS6868)
Jul 2017 - Nov 2017 : - Compiler Design (CS3300)
Jan 2017 - May 2017 : - Modern Compilers - Theory and Practice (CS6013)

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ProgramNameRoll No.Joining DateFunding
PhDRaghesh ACS12D015Jul 2012HTRA
PhDAman NougrahiyaCS12D023Jul 2012HTRA
PhDManas ThakurCS13D023Jul 2013HTRA
PhDVenkata Naga Jyothi VCS13D201Jul 2013HTRA
PhDKasaraneni RamyaCS19D003Jul 2019HTRA
MSRahul ShrivastavaCS14S018Jan 2014HTRA
MSAnchu R SCS15S044Jan 2016HTRA
MSArun TCS16S013Jul 2016HTRA
MSRajendra Kumar DangwalCS17S021Jul 2017ISEA
MSKhatri Jash AjaykumarCS19S018Jul 2019HTRA
M.TechAkshay M PoteyCS16M038Jul 2016HTTA
M.TechAjay SharmaCS17M008Jul 2017HTTA
M.TechBokka PradeepCS18M016Jul 2018HTTA
M.TechAnkur YadavCS18M063Jul 2018HTTA
M.TechRochak BarapatreCS19M053Jul 2019HTTA
M.TechNalla MrunaliniCS19M041Jul 2019HTTA
B.Tech(DD)Akshay UttureCS13B031Jul 2013HTTA
B.Tech(DD)Sistla Meghana AparnaCS14B052Jul 2014HTTA
B.Tech(DD)Akshat GuptaCS15B044Jul 2015HTTA