NSM Industry Talks

Workshop on Arm based HPC

March 2 and 3, 2021

NSM Nodal Centres for Training in HPC and AI are organizing a two-day Arm Workshop. The attendees would learn the basics of Arm HPC Systems, its software stack, tools, Arm instruction set architecture, and AI/ML with Arm HPC.


Registration is free but mandatory. Please register for the workshop here (it takes less than a minute).


The event is scheduled online. E-meeting details will be mailed to the registered participants.

March 215:00An Introduction to Arm in HPC
Slides | Video

Phil Ridley
15:45Arm HPC Software Stack and HPC Tools
Slides | Video
March 315:00Overview of the Arm ISA for HPC
Slides | Video
15:45AI/ML with Arm HPC
Slides | Video

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CDAC|Ashish Kuvelkar
IIT Goa|Sharad Sinha
IIT Kharagpur|Somnath Roy
IIT Madras|Rupesh Nasre.
IIT Palakkad|Sandeep Chandran