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Rupesh Nasre.

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I am looking for students/staff with knowledge of Parallel Programming or interest in Domain-Specific Languages. Even if you can work remotely (formally or informally, for at least 4 months), contact me with your CV.

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Rupesh is a faculty member in the CSE Department at IIT Madras. He completed BE from VRCE Nagpur, MTech from IIT Bombay, PhD from IISc Bangalore, and Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the University of Texas at Austin. His research focus is in Compilers and Parallelization. He is a recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award at IIT Madras, Cray HPC Award, NVIDIA Special Prize for CodeForScience, and a winner of the Yahoo! University Hack Day. He holds eight patents, is an author of two books, and is an associate editor of the CCPE journal.

And an illeist is a person who refers to himself in the third person.

Rupesh is a proud alumnus of the following institutions / companies:

  • UT Austin (where I learned parallel programming in Keshav Pingali's group)
  • IISc Bangalore (where R. Govindarajan taught me how to do research)
  • IIT Bombay (where I learned keyword searching in relational databases)
  • VRCE Nagpur (which built my foundation in computing)
  • NetApp Bangalore (I still miss the Friday Bash)
  • VERITAS Pune (my first stint as a software engineer)

Jun 24: Rupesh on vacation till June 22.

May 24: Anju's FlexiGran accepted at EuroPar.

Apr 24: Rupesh receives Coach Award at ICPC.

Feb 24: Alumni Prasanna and Sanchit visit us.

Feb 24: Alumni Diptanshu and Madhura visit us.

Feb 24: Dileep's work on bug identification with domain ontology is patented.

Nov 23: Alumni Gaurav Arora and Lokesh Koshale visit us.

Sep 23: Ullas's paper on graph processing on GPUs is accepted at HiPC.