NSM Course on

Introduction to
GPU Programming

June 20 -- July 31, 2022

As part of this online GPU Programming course, the participants would learn to program GPUs with CUDA and recent extensions to C++.


The event is scheduled online. E-meeting details will be mailed to the registered participants. Each talk is for 1.5 hours.

June 2017:00 -- 18:30 Rupesh Nasre.CUDA Computation
Assignment 1: due June 26
June 2717:00 -- 18:30 Rupesh Nasre.CUDA Memory
Assignment 2: due July 3
July 0417:00 -- 18:30 Rupesh Nasre.CUDA Synchronization
Assignment 3: due July 10
July 1117:00 -- 18:30 Rupesh Nasre.GPU Application / Topics in CUDA
Assignment 4: due July 17
July 1817:00 -- 18:30 Pradeep RamachandranC++ Programming for NVIDIA GPUs
Assignment 5: due July 24
July 2517:00 -- 18:30 Pradeep RamachandranC++ Programming for Generic Accelerators
Assignment 6: due July 31


The registrations are closed now. The registered participants have been emailed about the course details. If you have registered successfully and not received a notification, please get in touch immediately with the organizers below.

Evaluation and Certificate

The course involves six assignments, one for each topic. Each participant who submits correct code for at least five out of the six assignments would receive a course completion certificate. The assignment would be released on Mondays, and the participants can submit it by Sunday end (six days).

Who can attend?

  • Fourth semester onward BTech students with knowledge in Computer Organization and C++
  • Masters students, PhD scholars
  • Faculty members and researchers
  • Industry personnel with interest in HPC

Who should NOT attend?

  • If you have never heard of GPUs
  • If you are not conversant with C++

Speakers and Organizers

Rupesh Nasre.

Rupesh is an associate professor in the CSE Department at IIT Madras. He completed PhD from IISc Bangalore and Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the University of Texas at Austin. His research focus is in Compilers and Parallelization. He is a recipient of the Young Faculty Recognition Award at IIT Madras, Cray HPC Award, NVIDIA Special Prize for CodeForScience, a winner of the Yahoo! University Hack Day, and holds seven patents. He is the head of the National Supercomputing Mission's Nodal Centre at IITM for Training in HPC and AI.

Pradeep Ramachandran

Pradeep is the director and head of research at KLA's Advanced Computing Lab (ACL) based out of IIT Madras Research Park. Pradeep holds a BTech from IIT Madras, and an MS and PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. His research focuses on leveraging the intersection of hardware and software for efficient system design.