Rupesh Nasre.

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Rupesh is an Assistant Professor in the CSE department at IIT Madras. He completed PhD from IISc Bangalore and Post-Doctoral Fellowship from the University of Texas at Austin. His research focus is in Compilers and Parallelization. He is a recipient of the Young Faculty Recognition Award at IIT Madras, NVIDIA Special Prize for CodeForScience, a winner of the Yahoo! University Hack Day, and holds five US patents.

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Jan 18: R. Dupak, R. Kaushik and G. Kavitha's team qualifies for ACM ICPC World Finals.

Jan 18: Somesh's work on approximate graph algorithms on GPUs is accepted at TMSCS.

Jan 18: Kavitha is chosen for Adobe Women in Technology Scholarship.

Jan 18: JK's CHOAMP is accepted at TMSCS.

Dec 17: Mullai's work on digital image correlation is accepted at SEM.

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