Summer Projects and Workshop 2015

June 10 -- 26, 2015
CSE Department, IIT Madras, Chennai

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The venue for the lectures and the lab sessions is DCF Extension Lab, CSE Department, IIT Madras.

Date Lecture Topic Lab Speaker
June 10 File System Management, OS module, IO module Using IDLE and Programming with OS and IO modules Hari Ramachandran
June 11 DBM modules, Spreadsheets – xlrd,xlwt and xlutils packages Programming with xlutils, xlrd and xlwt packages Hari Ramachandran
June 12 Internet Application Programming -- urllib and urllib2 packages Programming with urllib Hari Ramachandran
June 15 Beautiful Soup Programming with soup Ditty Mathew
June 16 Introduction to Scientific and Numeric Computation with numpy Simple Programming with SciPy Hari Ramachandran
June 17 SciLab package, MatPlot library Plots and animations with PyLab Hari Ramachandran
June 18 GUI programming in python using Tk Programming with TCL-Tk Chester Rebeiro
June 19 Essential Utilities LaTeX, make and shell scripting Rupesh Nasre
June 22 -- 24 Project Project --
June 25 Project Project Demo --
June 26 Valedictory -- --