Summer Projects and Workshop 2015

June 10 -- 26, 2015
CSE Department, IIT Madras, Chennai

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Following projects are planned. Students are also free to propose a project from their side. Under discussion with the team we can finalise the same with them.
  • Stress-free Mess Registration: Does mess registration for a student based on his mess preferences. Otherwise students have to be awake till midnight. It also sends the status of the registration on sms and email.
    Concepts required: Networking, Database management

  • Tatkal Booking Application: Takes the traveller’s details and books tatkal train tickets, computers can naturally fill in the details faster. In highly complex environment it books the TATKAL tickets. With timestamp and banking issues it becomes a highly complex situation where the optimization and code speed will become very important.
    Concepts required: Networking, Database management

  • Automatic Dispatch Application: Given an excel sheet containing names of participants and their emails; the software automatically generates a certificate of participation/completion and mails it to their email (can be used in Tech-Fests).
    Concepts required: Networking, Database management, File management.

  • Marketing Application: Given an excel sheet of customers, their emails and a file list of company’s product marketing info, it automatically sends the customers the information periodically via email / sms. Complexity is added when the type, priority and frequency of message becomes variable as in real life situation.
    Concepts required: Networking, Database management, Excel Macros.

  • Moodle Crawler: Searches a student's moodle account/university account periodically for any uploaded assignments and downloads them. Additionally it also pings on what’sapp or texts information to the student.
    Concepts required: Networking, HTML, File management

  • Automatic SMS via portal: Write a program that takes an excel sheet with phone numbers and messages as input and logs into an sms portal and sends the messages to the given phone numbers.

  • Appointment Scheduler: Assume that you are the head of a club and have many volunteers assisting you. At the beginning of every semester you take the details of their academic time table and save it. Write a GUI program that helps you gather the data of the volunteers' schedule (using GUI - a screen showing the time table). Once the data is gathered you allot them some weekly tasks in their free slots.Once this is done the program should modify the database to include the engagements of the volunteers ( in addition to their academics). Finally the program should give you a list of volunteers who are free in a particular slot for some unplanned tasks.

  • Automatic SMS with dongle: Given an excel sheet of tasks, volunteers and their phone numbers it should use a dongle(huawei) connected to the laptop to send text messages to the volunteers.

  • Bus Booking: Bus booking application similar to tatkal.

  • Grocery Rate Comparator: An application which crawls online grocery stores to give a list of current rates of fruits and vegetables. Will help a customer compare rates at the local store.