Jyothi Vedurada

Jyothi Vedurada

PhD Scholar
Computer Science and Engineering Department
IIT Madras

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E-mail: v{firstname}_at_cse_iitm_ac_in

BSB 331A, PACE Lab,
Dept of Computer Science and Engineering,
IIT Madras.
Chennai - 600036,
Tamil Nadu, India.

About Me

I am a PhD student working at PACE Lab under the guidance of Dr. V. Krishna Nandivada. My research interests are program analysis, software engineering and parallelization.

I obtained my B.Tech degree at Andhra University. I joined for M.Tech programme in 2013 at IIT Madras and upgraded to PhD in 2014 (in dual degree mode). Prior to joining IIT Madras, I worked as a Software Engineer at Hewlett Packard, Chennai.






  • Courses taken during my M.Tech

    • Modern Compilers-Theory and Practice

    • Principles of Programming Languages

    • Program Analysis
      • Course Project: Improving the Performance of "Andersen's Pointer Analysis Algorithm"

    • Concurrent Programming
      • Course Project: Pallelization of Points-To Analysis using Graph-Based Approach

    • Computer Architecture

    • Parallel Computer Architecture
      • Course Project: Prioritizing the Threads for Descheduling in a Multi Threaded Program to Serve Interrupts

    • Advanced Data Structures and Algorithms

    • Mathematical Concepts for Computer Science

    • Advanced Programming Laboratory

  • Courses taken during my PhD

    • Recent Topics in Compilers

    • Introduction to Machine Learning

    • Artificial Intelligence
      • Course Project: Implementation of the Sparse Memory Graph Search (SMGS) algorithm by Rong Zhou and Eric A. Hansen

    • Digital System Testing and Testable Design

    • High-Performance Parallel Computing - GIAN course

Teaching Assistance

  • Teaching Assistant for the courses
    • Introduction to Profession (Python Lab)

    • Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms (NPTEL MOOC)

    • Compiler Design Lab

    • Principles of Software Engineering
      • Mentored the following projects:
      • Cache Friendly Data Structure Design and Programming Language Support
      • Go & C Interconverter

    • Priniciples of Programming Languages

    • Modern Compilers Theory and Practice

    • Mtech and Dual Degree Seminars

    • Introduction to Programming Lab

    • GPU Programming

    • Computer Organization and Architecture Lab

Invited Talks

  • Efficient Points-to Analysis Techniques Suitable for Resource-Bound Environments. The 1st Software Engineering Research in India (SERI) Update Meeting, sponsored by the India Chapter of SIGSOFT Special Interest Group of ACM. IISc Bengaluru, July 2019.

  • Identifying Refactoring Opportunities for Replacing Type Code with Subclass and State -- An Application of Program Analysis. Presented at Program Analysis (CS6843) course in IIT Madras.


I am originally from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India. Apart from work, I enjoy cooking, playing with kids, and music.