My Research Group

I am thankful for the excellent set of students that I have mentored over the years. I am continuing to look for more. So if you are interested, please reach out to me.

PhD Students

  • Pappu Kumar

  • Sankaranarayanan

  • S. Gopinath (part time)

MS Students

  • Srikkanth Ramachandran

  • Bhargavi Sriram

  • Jaya Vardhan

Past Students

  • Barath Ashok (MS, 2021)

  • Sumathi Sivasubramaniam (PhD, 2021)

  • William Kumar Moses Jr. (PhD, 2018)

  • Mohit Daga (MS, 2017)

  • Parishkrati (MS, 2016)

  • Tejas Vijay Kulkarni (MS, 2015)